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Celebrities as role models, should it be encouraged?

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A celebrity is a widely recognized person in a society that commands a certain kind of media and public attention.

We mostly tag only entertainment stars as celebrities, but they don’t have to be in the cover of a magazine or in our eardrums for them to be tagged as one, been famous is a gate pass to being a celebrity. They can be very famous for their accomplishments, works, lineage and activities, examples are sport stars, writer, IT gurus, royalties, journalist and so many who are famous and are considered celebrities.

These celebrities have worked so hard to be in a position were some set of people desire to be in or to have what they have. It is widely common that celebrities are idolized and are seen as role models but there’s an argument that some of them particularly the “entertainment stars” (The most idolized celebrities) shouldn’t be, the common complaint is that many celebrities have “poor values” and This isn’t far from the truth.

Who are role models? I  ask again, Should celebrities be considered as role models?

Role models are people whose value, attitude, behavior or success are worthy of emulation by younger people. Role models are greatly admired by people and are the examples they strive to be like, they admire their struggles, their wins and values, how they handled failure and hardship, their achievements, attitudes, ethics and their nature.

The argument that celebrities shouldn’t be role models is absurd, no one signs up to be a role model, they just want to do what they love doing while making a lot of money from it, in the process they inspire and influence the kids, youths and younger adults.

Although, it is important in today’s society for youth to have positive role models, they need someone they can look up to and model their behavior after. They can admire the wealth of individuals who worked hard to achieve their dreams in whatever they do, having this success stories will give rise to hope as well as inspire hard work and ambition. These stories have helped people come out of gory situations, some people wouldn’t risk their life to succeed, some would continue with that job they really hate while their talent goes to waste.

A whole lot of people admire these celebrities for really weird reasons like physical appearance, the assumed bank accounts, the gang bangs, the slur words, lifestyle… Bearing in mind that celebrities are human beings like you that are exceptional with their talent or skill set or intelligence and it isn’t their sole duty to live up to your expectation, they have a choice of living their life the way they want.

It is wise to carefully choose a role model and know what to emulate, some of them live a wayward life as drug peddlers, fraud, arm robbers and so on, even if their outfit or lifestyle may be attracting, their behavior, habits and respect towards their fans and the society can be terrible. Nothing about them or their actions should be admired.

Most celebrities don’t live a realistic life; they live a luxurious life they can’t afford just to impress the gram, colleagues and fans. They engage in all sorts of atrocity and involved in all kinds of scandal, some get arrested for committing crimes often and often, display destructive and inappropriate behavior but still get accolades form fans and you wonder people don’t know what crime is. I don’t think you want kids idolizing these kinds of people.

What about the dressing? They dress scantily and indecently all because it is appeasing to the society and because they can wear what they want forgetting that kids imitate them.

No one ever corrects them when they make a mistake instead they get the front cover of magazines, gets interviews, they’re worshiped because of this, kids see that getting attention is good especially if you get it in a bad way. Some don’t think that the law applies to them, and they think they can do whatever they want just because of who they are.

Although some artists have made very questionable life choices, but their music still pass a positive message, one can emulate their creative talent without agreeing with everything that they have done. Being famous comes with the responsibility card to behave and live in such a way as to be a good role model for those who look up to them.

While it is wrong to say celebrities cannot be role models, however, it is also wise to know that not all celebrities should be role models and nobody should be considered a role model simply because they are a celebrity.

Society have placed the ‘burden’ of ‘role model’ on celebrities to act right, be responsible, be decent be this and be that

You can’t control what celebrities will do and can do but you can control what your kids do, you should be the first role model they should emulate, show them it’s unacceptable when a celebrity does something that catches the headlines in a negative way.

You have to start with teaching them good morals, values, and beliefs, Show them what is acceptable and most importantly who they SHOULD look up to. Teach them just because someone else does something that does not meant they are required to do that as well.

Let them know what to look out for in a person and have it mind that no one signs up to be a hero or role model and it isn’t in their job description to do so.

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