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Gender war, will it ever end?

Gender war is one war that might never end, it is the vilest and contemptuous war ever waged, it might be greater than nation against nation, culture against culture, or religion against religion. It’s either male or female, of which these entities make up religion, culture and nations, Cutting across all borders, all languages, and all ethnicity in every culture ...

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Apps your android needs

If you own an Android smartphone, you’ll need some essential apps to sync your files, watch movies, track your sleeping patterns, for exercises, and more. These are some of the best, most useful apps that Google Play Store has to offer and most of them are free except if you need access to other things the apps offers you might ...

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Beauty tweak

We want to look as best as possible in the shortest possible time and it is possible if you know the tricks that will save your time and money. Each lady yearns for beauty tips that will help her to have more beautiful skin, shiny hair, and stronger nails. Famous makeup artists and dermatologists around the world have shared their ...

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Getting set for Monday

Happy Monday! We once again found ourselves struggling to wake up. It is always a little challenging starting a new work week.  A large majority of people stay up a little too late on Sunday night, neglect to do any work over the weekend and drift into the office tired and irritable. But who says Monday’s have to be bad? ...

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Countries you can Migrate to

Right now many countries seem to be close-minded on the issue of accepting migrants or foreigners. Don’t blame them yet. Most of these countries need to strengthen their stability to accommodate the migrants. If you’re ready to move out of your apartment, start a new life elsewhere, you might want to look out for the easiest and best countries to immigrate ...

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Do you consider factors surrounding a place before you migrate? Or you just apply, get lucky and japa! Before you pack your bags, let’s discuss what you need to know before you go. As the world is full of opportunities, people are forever on a look-out for the perfect country to settle down in. Hopping countries, immersing yourself into new cultures, ...

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