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Is social bookmarking dead?

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Bookmarking, as far back as 1996/7, started out with few companies launching a platform whereby internet users would be able to send or share amongst themselves bookmarks and web documents, an innovation that has received a dynamic welcome. But, is it still the same as before? Definitely not! It has grown beyond “tagging” and saving pages on the internet to be able to be shared amidst family, friends or a team.

Is social bookmarking dead?

Since the beginning of the new millennium, internet users have experienced multiple influxes of social bookmarking sites that have presented one or two improvements to the concept. And in essence, social bookmarking has grown to become bigger and more interesting for use by internet users. Not only that, it has brought more benefits to those who love to own a knowledge base, either as an individual or as a team.

The Essence of Social Bookmarking

Using sites like, you can understand the essence of this. They have successfully improved the experience from sharing of a link along an email sent to a friend or one’s boss, into a more extensive database. On this database, they manipulatively streamlined knowledge into categories that would reduce your search timeouts or moments of digging into links. Through this medium, saves you quality browsing time.

Productivity is one of the primary requirements to be a millennial. Essentially, millennials are more concerned with results than no matter the amount of process infused. Therefore, social bookmarking has increased the level of productivity online. It is now a place for your favorites because, on a social-bookmarking website, what you see is a thread of results streamlined to your search request. Moreover, you get to save all links that come your way, categorized for easy access.

The Ipissmedia Innovation

On, we provide you with a ‘Browser Startpage,’ that has all your favorite sites, apps, tools, networks, and blogs. And the joy that you are able to make use of your social bookmarking on multiple platforms or devices without losing the structure or appearance of your homepage as it appeared on the initial device is a plus.

The on-the-go capability that comes with such social bookmarking site allows getting up to date with an integrated RSS feed reader. The RSS Feed reader helps you to stay up-to-date on selected news categories you have subscribed for on different news sites. You are not expected to be scared of memory consumption on any of your devices, as social bookmarking website like, stores all your data or bookmarks in the cloud that makes you do without troublesome bookmarking synchronization.

Therefore, to say social bookmarking is dead is to talk out of point and be oblivious to the fact that, it has become an integral part of internet users. This category applies to those who have deliberately made the cloud or internet their go to point to build a knowledge base. also allows embedded contents to make your dashboard more operational. The app offers operational content like Weather forecasts, online videos, Business charts, etc.

Ipissmedia goes a step further to provide more resourceful features like Keyword alerts, which monitors news about your company. It focuses on your competitors or your favorite brand by integrating Google Alerts. It also presents to you a chance to work with a team to become smarter together, by collaborating with your colleagues to curate, prioritize and share the best stories relevant to your organization.

To enjoy more outstanding features and be extra productive, contact us on and be sure to be in for unlimited goodies.

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