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Upcoming artists; How to be your PR

Upcoming artists or Independent artists have more opportunities than ever before to launch their own career without the backing of the majors or a big budget unlike the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. While we see more and more unsigned artists breaking through off their own backs, many promising new artists don’t know where to begin or how to maintain a ...

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Nollywood and foreign movies

So many of us grew up with Nollywood, the likes of Mercy Johnson, Sandra Achums, Aki and Pawpaw, Sam Loco, Mr Ibu made childhood really fun on TV  but did some of us grow out of Nollywood? Yes! Recently, Aki and PawPaw trended for the amazing jobs they did back then. So what happened to Nollywood? Did we lose interest, ...

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Activities for the weekend 2

Are you usually bored on weekends especially after much traffic or enough TGIF and don’t know what next? sometimes, you just want to be home but you eventually get very very bored, you start thinking and cracking your brain on what to do, the solution is usually to call one or two person to hang out with right? I have ...

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