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The “God when” Of Nigerian celebrity couples

Nigerian Celebrity Marriages you should “God when” Suddenly when an adored celebrity marriage collapses, comment sections become filled with humans swearing off marriages. Reading through the comments section of the recent JJc’s post on his separation with Funke Akindele (people’s favorite) or many other celebrity separation/divorce gist like that of Kim & Kanye and others you’ll be surprised at how ...

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What You Should Never Buy as a gift

Some partners will gift you some items and the only reaction that comes to mind is to throw it at their faces but for the love they have for you and the fact that violence of any kind is not allowed, you just smile and say “I love you”. To avoid reactions different from the one you’re supposed to get, ...

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Preventing Bully as a Parent, Teacher and Witness

Bullying is the act of displaying aggressive, unwanted behavior among school-age children that is based on perceived or real power imbalances. In this case, the behavior will be repeated over time or has the potential to be repeated and both bullied kids and those who bully others may suffer serious, long-lasting problems. In recent times following the death of 12 ...

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Talking To The Rich

Was at an event recently in the presence of some of the richest men in the country, someone whispered “this is the perfect time to talk to her about your fashion idea”, me? Who? Talk to who? I checked my face in my little make up mirror (yes, we carry everything necessary), dabbed my face and said OKAY, I stood ...

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Children’s Love Languages

Children’s love languages Children crave a whole lot of attention and and affection which they want to get every time and at every opportunity but we must understand and pay attention to how they show you love. Understanding their love language will help you connect with them and nurture them the best by doing things that shows love in a ...

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