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The conflict between Russia and Ukraine 

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine  After months of tension, Russia began attacks on Ukraine as reported by Ukraine’s ministry of interior, On Thursday, Russian troops attacked Ukraine from three sides, beginning with explosions in the capital, Kiev, the report states that Explosions were reportedly heard in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kramatorsk, and other parts of Ukraine. According to reports, the attacks ...

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Preventing Bully as a Parent, Teacher and Witness

Bullying is the act of displaying aggressive, unwanted behavior among school-age children that is based on perceived or real power imbalances. In this case, the behavior will be repeated over time or has the potential to be repeated and both bullied kids and those who bully others may suffer serious, long-lasting problems. In recent times following the death of 12 ...

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Interesting Facts about Ethiopia

Ethiopia I saw a post that implied that Ethiopia was 7 years behind from the rest of the world, yes, it a fact. If you’re travelling to Ethiopia, you’re literally time traveling back to 7 years and maybe you can undo some things you did in your past right? Hahaha I learnt so many interesting things about this beloved and ...

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Nigeria; A Thousand Movie In One

Currently Nigeria looks like a “24” series but without a Jack Bauer, no CTU, a “Captain Phillips” with a mix of House of cards (break it down yourself), “a man of fire” movie without our John, Nigeria is a “den of thieves” filled with “Oceans 11, 12 & 13” but without the tech just lies, burning buildings and more than ...

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Celebrating African day 2021

Africa day While some countries like Ghana, The Gambia, Guinea, Namibia, Zambia, Mali, Mauritania, Lesotho and Zimbabwe across the continent is observing and celebrating Africa’s day which is today, May 25th, Others go on as if it isn’t Africa’s special day. Here in Nigeria, the day is celebrated by brands and schools where indigenes dress in vibrant costumes celebrating their ...

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