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Kneeling to propose against the traditional way

Proposals are supposed to be the kind of romantic whirlwind, men want to be creative enough to make it a memorable one and go down on one knee but why do guys kneel to propose? Why go through all that trouble just to say “be my wife”? What does it mean? What does it symbolize? If you stop to think ...

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Women, tears and proposal

Do you ever wonder why women cry when they get proposed to? I’ve never witnessed it know why and how the tears starts except through videos or personal experience of friends without any reasonable explanation but “it just came”, sometimes I like to think they maybe cry because of the cameras, they saw it in the movies, somebody else cried ...

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Planning your wedding music

The joy of conjugal bliss is overwhelming and to say the least, it is a ‘chai’ experience with good music. No matter how important getting the bride’s dress is to a wedding ceremony or the foods to be eaten, or the drinks to be gulped, or the kisses to be swallowed, or the friends to be invited, getting the right ...

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