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Ways to handle non-responsive clients

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As a Website designer and freelancers which could include bloggers and social media analysts, there are some hard pills you have to gulp in your career. Many times than not, it is of utmost necessity to get clients to keep your business going. However, when you eventually get some, not all of them are willing to make your pursuits their priority. Some are wolves and in sheep’s and no matter how you have satisfy them, they remain glued to not making things work out.

In this regard, many are just the non-responsive clients. Their traits is to make you feel relaxed and then with time, they make you go through hell on a cold day. If this happens, here are suggested ways to go about handling such clients:

  • Withhold Launch

Sounds funny but true. Many times, as a freelancers, you are so energetic to a point where once you agree with the client, and they probably they make an upfront payment to make you get the things to set up their websites or write for them, what you do is get to work.

In fact, sometimes, you finish it up. But then you realize your client somehow stops being responsive along the line yet, you go ahead and finish up. You know what? No issues at all. Just WITHHOLD the launch! You would definitely have seen signs that your client may want to prove difficult. No dragging of any sort. Just hold on to launching till a final payment is made.

  • Maintenance Mode

This mode comes to play when you have launched and probably your client needs one or two things fixed or the client became non-responsive when the website and content is on already. This approach is to make you workaround to temporarily “disabling” the website until your client becomes responsive by paying up or fulfilling his own part of the bargain. Switching the website to “Maintenance Mode” gives you a bit leverage with stubborn clients. Though, this is actually a milder way to the last approach, the CSS Killswitch.

  • CSS KillSwitch

This is more of the highest stage of handling your non-responsive clients. Some freelancers, content writers, bloggers and web designers opt for this when they do stuffs for clients. They install a kind of CSS fail-safe, in order to leverage if agreements are breached. CSS Killswitch is a freelance coder’s dream come alive. By simply linking to an external CSS style sheet, which can be activated with the simple click of a button, you can shut down the client’s website when you have tried and they seem to not care anymore even when they have changed the password and lock you out of the back end, which probably should be the circumstance under which you should do this.

Feel free to adopt any of these methods and watch your dreams come alive more clearly.

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Ways to handle non-responsive clients
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Ways to handle non-responsive clients
THREE major ways to handle non-responsive clients
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