Developing your inner creativity

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Creativity is a skill we can learn or master ourselves, it’s not in borne and it is not a gift.

We stimulate our minds with activities, gaming and society or engaging in new hobbies. Some of these activities will actively help develop your creativity especially the easy one when practiced every day and infused into daily life’s activity but others can be difficult and require a commitment of time, effort and the willingness to learn

Steps to help you get more creative


A daydream is that fountain spurting, spilling strange new thoughts into the stream of consciousness, these spurts turn out to be surprisingly useful.

When you daydream, your mind is unconstrained, it’s free to create anything it wants, and you can go wherever you please in your mind.

Research confirms that daydreaming cause’s measurable changes in the brain linked to greater creativity, problem-solving abilities and sparks new ideas.

When you daydream, just let it flow, no judging, good ideas sometimes arise from bad ones.

Create Art

Art doesn’t necessarily mean doing a perfect job of painting, drawing, or sculpting, creating art helps you relax, reduces stress, and improves critical thinking skills and concentration whether said art is ugly or not.

It could be absolutely anything that means art to you that can help boost your creativity and expand your imagination.


Write anything; just write whatever comes to mind, record your thoughts in doing so you can significantly increase your creativity and help you think more deeply

Play Video Games

How do video games actually enhance your creativity?

According to the academic research book Video Games and Creativity, playing video games has the following effects:

  • Better concentration
  • Better neural processing and processing efficiency
  • Better problem-solving skills
  • Better social skills
  • Brain changes that lead to behavioral changes
  • Enhanced motivation
  • Enhanced spatial skills
  • Improved performance
  • Improved mood, greater inspiration, and self-esteem

Balance Order and Chaos

Declutter your environment to avoid getting mentally stressed out or overloading your senses, this makes it harder for you to think.

You’ll have to find a balance between chaos and order that helps you think creatively without sacrificing productivity.

Be Curious About Everything

If you were not curious, start being curious, ask questions when you discover new things or learn interesting facts all of these will increase your imagination and spark up your creativity.

Never stop asking the “why” “where” “when” “how”

What can we do to exercise that creative muscle when we’re struggling to come up with new ideas?  How do you spark up new ideas?

  1. Exercise your creativity

Creativity isn’t magic, your brain cells “tools” are at work and you have to actively create more time to thinking. Forget those emails or social media and dedicate time to more creative thinking

  1. Change your surroundings

When you resume every morning, you can switch things up a bit around the office, change your desk setting, and rearrange items on it.

You can also change positions in the office, work in different areas, sit with other colleagues and make significant adjustment to your work area.

Your physical and social surroundings also have effect on your creativity level, if it’s the same old stuff and people, your creativity doesn’t change.

  1. Learn something different

Broadening your knowledge with unfamiliar topics might bring in new ideas and open door to divergent thinking. Dig deep into World War 1, Egyptian history, democracy, Biafra, Food, the wild, etc. or sign up for a course unrelated to what you do.

The knowledge you are collecting may not be useful in the present but in the future and will eventually come together when faced with a certain challenge your previously acquired knowledge can handle.

  1. Pay attention to new ideas.

Ideas that come within our reach can be very slow, so when it comes to you grab it and preserve it.

When this happen to me, I usually grab whatever is close to me a jotter or my phone note because once it’s gone I never remember again.

So learn to identify a new idea and capture it before it fades.

  1. Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself by brainstorming or giving you a tasking job to do. Set up a time limit for a task or game.

Challenges acts as a catalyst for us to think creatively and come up with simultaneous ideas or solutions.

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  2. I found this really helpful.

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