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Different Lighting Strategies you can use for your restaurant

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Hello, let both of us imagine for a moment that you do have a restaurant. Okay, we do not really need to imagine, you are supposed to own a restaurant if you are reading this or at least have dreams of owning one. If that is the case, then keep reading, you are at the right place. This is also the right time. First of all, my name is Richard Satin and I will be telling you a few things that will help you in this endeavour of yours. For the sake of the theme which we are on, I will tell you about the lighting strategies that you can employ to make your restaurant the best you can. These strategies will not only beautify your restaurant so it will be attractive and alluring, but they will also pass a message to your customers and might just be one of the things that will keep them coming back time after time. Also, the type of lighting strategies you use in your restaurant will determine the comfort your customers will feel when they pay your restaurant a visit. Are you ready for this? Are you ready to make sure your customers’ visits become a regular thing? Alright, let us do this.

  • The first on our strategic steps is theme.

Your Restaurant lighting should have a theme that it corresponds. This is the first message you can convey to your customers.

What is the theme of your establishment? What is the foundation of your restaurant built upon? The lights you select to adorn your wonderful establishment should resound the theme your restaurant is built upon. Are you following this?

What does this mean? It means you have probably decided on the types of foods your restaurant will offer from day to day, the kind of customers you want to grace your establishment, and your brand of course. What is left for you to do therefore is to select the lighting that will blend in nicely with your theme. It is not very simply. You have to do this carefully. For every restaurant, there are usually three main types of lighting fixtures that are available; there is the vintage, the country/rustic, and then the modern. You may just decide to use a general strategy in your lighting decoration without having to go through all the trouble of finding ones that rhyme with your theme. Some of these lighting fixtures are just general ceiling lights, otherwise referred to as wall sconces. But then, the effect a theme-styled lighting decoration would have on your restaurant is something I am pretty sure that you will appreciate.

  • Another strategy you have to take into consideration is Task Lighting.

For your restaurant to get off nicely on the lighting thing, you have to think about task lighting. This is simply lighting at its basic state. It does not have you worry your head over themes or messages or whatever. Stay with me. It is basic and functional, to be used in areas where the preparation of food takes place. This kind of lighting should be bright to enable the cooks see well as they prepare food. Using theme lighting that may be dim in these areas is nothing short of folly. Another place where task lighting ought to be used is in areas where food is kept warm. Bright light, my friend, bright functional light.

  • That will take us straight to Accent Lighting

The Accent lighting is used to pass important messages, my friend. It is your duty to make sure that this strategy is utilized. This lighting should be placed at strategic places near symbols and signs that cover the theme of your restaurant. If the theme of your restaurant is around the sea, then this lighting should be placed near seafood in your restaurants. How about that? What do you think?

Do you now see how lighting strategies pass a message across to your customers and draws the type of clients that you are ready to deal with? I hope you saw that? I will continue providing you with ways to improve your restaurants or make your startup restaurant a success. Go on, see how this works.

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