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eatable cutlery

Eatable cutlery

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Technology is truly the cruise of this era. Time and time again, its capacity and strength to remain at the forefront of innovations have been proven. There have been an urgent need to replace the long existing cliché of having to dispose of wastes via recycling. But now, there is a solution. Instead of recycling plastic wastes after your meals which in turn leads to a massive environmental degradation, you can eat these cutleries and plastic wastes. Wow!

It is bad news that a large number, running into millions of plastics that have been used are disposed every minute in the nations of the world. Some are disposed after the first use, others, after use at most three to four times. These plastics take years to become biodegraded in our natural environments. Not just that, a large number of them are thrown into seas and oceans to collate and add up to our present day environmental pollution.

However, we have discovered a lasting solution. An edible cutlery company in India called BAKEYS has introduced plastic cutleries that are eatable. Isn’t this so astounding! This company is the first in the world to invent and come up with cutleries that are edible. You can as well read up some information here

This invention completely exudes the idea of recycling as all products can now be consumed. This is surely an amazing feat.

This cutlery is made from Millet, Rice and Wheat. They are so nutritious and nourishing. Also, they do not need preservatives. More so, these spoon are such that after they are made, they smell of the aroma they are made with. With each taste, you can smell a number of Indian ingredients that tastes so deliciously. Wow! This is mind blowing! One would even readily eat those cutleries before finishing the meal. Below are videos that shows this mind wrenching invention;,,,





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Eatable cutlery
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Eatable cutlery
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