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Evidently, top companies recognize the fact that emerging technologies are the ultimate correctional measures to most organizational needs that in turn, transforms their mode of operation and earns them rapid development, change and growth engines (Albert, 2019). This is why at any point in time, the creation of adequate security to protect files and technological infrastructure to change the emergency response in the world of technical-know-how becomes of utmost necessity.

This case study presents TechFite as a technology company affiliated with NASA and that is concerned with space technology. Being a technology company, it suffices that a major organizational need that has to be readily provided and treated as paramount is the security of their infrastructure against every host hackers and attackers that probes online in case there is any laxity as touching proper security. More so, tied to TechFite’s network are other technology companies for the purpose of forming an alliance and collaboration with them. However, these collaborations introduce a disadvantage as to an inability to access their log manually and a storage space to keep these logs. Invariably and with all these affiliations, TechFite exceeds the annual budget of $250k planned and proposed by TechFite as a whole including the staff wages.

As a result, this organizational need is the necessity and an urgency to propose something effortless, more productive and most importantly, technological advanced to the present method on ground, hence, the essence of this work and the scope of the study. It is noteworthy to be aware that any of such solution that is needed is not outside and above what an emerging technology can offer. This emerging technology must have enough storage space and possess no difficulty in handling manual logs. Much more importantly, the new and emerging technology must be totally secure as against every potential hackers and attackers.

Since it appears that a major concern of this case study is security of TechFite’s infrastructure, manual access and storage issues, an outstanding technology company that I would propose to solve this organizational need is a Cloud host from Cloud Technological Services. First, this service is good for logistics companies because of its less complication and cost compared to earlier adoptions where a company requires hardware and its own facility to store and monitor data. In this case, you data and inventories are safe on this host at an affordable price. Second, knowing that in the case study presented, the company does not have enough infrastructural storage space, a cloud host can will serve them better because Techfite company will not need to too much managing and handling its own data services and even hiring staff, thereby reducing their yearly budget.

Furthermore, organizational communication is better enhanced and maximum, security guaranteed. This becomes possible due to the host’s global reach and network. Cloud services can help in improving an effective management of inventory that has, hitherto, being an issue.  Another reason why the cloud host will be the most favorable emerging technology is the fluctuation that comes in sometimes, with the very large database, server requirements will be met by a cloud host.

Meanwhile, in adopting new styles, there will always be risks. The frequently encountered risk that is been observed is when a firm stand on the most favorable jobs and expecting a ground-breaking opportunity with smaller risks. What happens in that school of thought is that. More so, cloud computing reduces the hindrances to gain access into industries. It does so by inviting competitors who need no infrastructural competitions but would focus purely on sales with a sizeable overhead (Anthony, 2014). The first and major risk is the risk of legacy security. Techfite must have built a legacy over the time wherewith they adopted their own methods to secure their inventory. The adoption of this new and emerging technology may cost them a loss of their legacy (Sailesh, 2015). Asides this is the issue of unexpected and added cost that comes as a result of storage usage and complexity in management. However, there are more benefits named below.

  • Flexibility: What Cloud host does is that it helps an organization adopt new infrastructural security and helps them apply it immediately.
  • Availability: Collaborators expect quality service based on the fact that they have seen you excellence and this service is such that must be open to them to access anytime. As a result, experiencing a downtime cannot be afforded especially when it is not only you company that provide such service. This is why at any point in time, logs stored on Cloud is secure and can be accessed anytime it is needed.
  • Mobility and Productivity: With cloud host, workers can work from anywhere being connected to a working internet device. More so, it enables a better collaborative sense which is a factor in increasing productivity.
  • Financial Benefits: Almost in all cases, adopting cloud allows technology companies and other companies to reduce their IT costs.

As touching the effect this emerging technology could have on people in the organization, it could reduce the need for staffs because of the total dependence on what machines can now do. This invariably means IT staffs would not be as needed as in the old method and how this can be solved is to strike a balance between the existing adoption and that of the emerging technology.

This study presents a platform that has a storage and inventory issue and the best way to properly handle it is to adopt the emerging technology called the Cloud host to further make storage effective and possible due to its global network as compared to the present style of computing and storage

In conclusion, the best way to measure the impact of the host is the result incurred, the reach with which its use goes, and the storage made possible via its use.

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