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Entrepreneurs that Travel Need Virtual Receptionists

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Traveling is vital for entrepreneurs. Not only does it stretch their minds, it widens their horizon and opens them up to new opportunities, increases their network, rewards them with new perspective, creativity, insight and innovation. The benefits of seeing the world cannot be over-emphasized.

Does travelling mean shutting down your business till you return from your trips? It does not have to be. Naturally, we are wired to specialize in one or a few things. The Jack of all trade syndromes is a myth. You cannot do it all. Even if you tried, you will experience a burn out. Plus, your creative energy will be halved and you may lose focus, because you are doing everything alone. If you must be on top of your game, then you ought to delegate functions to talented people, which includes a virtual receptionist.

Truth is synergy is a smart move; it will take your business farther than when you work alone. If you are a travelling entrepreneur, you certainly need a virtual receptionist. They are like your virtual personal assistant (PA). Most entrepreneurs do not have a clue about what a virtual PA can take off their plates. Take a look:

  • File management
  • Calendar management
  • Sending reminders
  • Receptionist duties
  • Booking appointments with customers
  • Booking flight/ hotel
  • Following through with customers
  • Updating your email/contact list
  • Research on variety of topics for blog post
  • Personal errands
  • Recruitment
  • Set-up and manage social media accounts

The list goes on and on. A virtual assistant is not bound by limitations; they work remotely to give your business a boost. They take the burden off your shoulders, while you focus on your core-competences. They help you thrive.

Benefits of a virtual receptionist

Here are a couple of reasons you should leverage your time to a skilled virtual receptionist, rather than do it all by yourself.

  • Increases productivity: if you need to travel for a speaking engagement, your virtual PA will handle the task of booking a flight, a hotel and answering every call that is important. On the other hand, you have time on your plate to focus and prepare your message. Your virtual PA helps you focus on the big picture, avoid burn out and gain clarity.
  • Virtual receptionists are time savers: There is only 24 hours per day. If you must grow your business, you ought to spend ample time on the most productive tasks. That is where virtual PA come in, they handle repetitive task, while you handle on what is mainly important, in lesser time.
  • Flexibility: A virtual receptionist has got you covered, so you have more time to see the world, network and break new grounds.
  • New opportunities: you can easily embrace new opportunities, because your virtual PA manages your non-core competences.
  • Saves you money: any system that saves you time, saves you money. You easily think up innovative ways to increase the stream of income in your business.


Keep thriving, we are here to make your business world an Island of comfort for you!


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