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Setting up an event without entertainment is like a train set on the rail without an engine. Often times we get stuck with which entertainment would be suitable for a certain event, either because of the less available funds or no idea. Enough sweat on what ought to be an abundance of choice but because we are not exposed to some hidden but obvious event ideas, we get stuck and start to blink our eyes during event planning.

Before we highlight few event entertainment, it is necessary to understand that choosing any entertainment for any of your events, starts with the theme. Ones you understand the theme at hand, you can then go ahead and pick either or combination of the following less expensive event entertainment:

  • Live Music Band: There has never been a match for the energy live music band teams emit on stage at events. Especially when your audience falls between 16-30, you are sure going to have an electrified venue. The theme or purpose of your event determines if Jazz or Orchestra group would be needed.


  • Get a VJ: In the age of optimal digitalization, getting a VJ for your event would add some digital spice to your entertainment. Instead of playing music alone like a DJ, a VJ on the other hand makes a mixture of Video and audio, thereby; engaging your audience on a terrific level.


  • Engaging the Employees: There is nothing like making fun out of the available resources. Imagine a dance competition between the president and the front desk of a company. Or organizing a talent show as a means of entertainment for your company’s event. Such memories would linger in the organization and you would be surprised at lots of talents hidden in the 9-5 bodies.


  • Hire a Caricaturist: This gladdens all age group. The feeling that comes with your guest sitting for some minutes and going away with their picture created by a caricaturist from the event is a bliss.


  • Magicians and Hypnotists: This category of entertainers has been known to always steal the show for many centuries. Take a guess of what would happen if the VP disappears on stage or the magician picks up a red handkerchief from the Head of Operations’ tuxedo.

All these highlighted and more that could be generated from a proper understanding of your theme is enough to add the needed sparkle to your event.

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