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Group declares AI enemy of Nigeria

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A Human Rights group under the aegis of Coalition in Defence of Sovereignty and Human Rights has declared an international organization, Amnesty International ( AI ) an enemy of Nigeria.

The group was reacting to the recent revelation that amnesty international had set aside over N10bn to distribute to civil society organizations (CSOs), senior lawyers to destabilize Nigeria.

Speaking at a protest march to the organization’s office in Surulere, Lagos on Wednesday, Adumashi Ayokunle, National Co-ordinator of the group said they would no longer fold their arms and watch those he tagged as ‘marauding horde’ ruin Nigeria.

Ayokunle, in a statement in Abuja after the protest at AI’s office, noted that the recent revelation was a clear indication that the organization was practically treating Nigerians like farmed game kept for the twisted pleasure of trophy hunters.

He said, “There has been reports that what we thought were innocuous is seriously insidious. Amnesty International that we had always seen as the friend of the helpless common man has proven to be the problem of the common man.

“Going by these reports,  Amnesty International is practically treating Nigerians like farmed game that was  kept for the twisted pleasure of trophy hunters. What we had thought was a non-governmental organization (NGO) that is working to advance human rights was in reality only setting the Nigerian population for a great slaughter that it will use to retire its books.

“Amnesty International is reportedly recruiting indigenous NGOs and CSOs to actualize a final descent into chaos. We are most disappointed that this plot was hatched in conjunction with terror groups like Boko Haram, Niger-Delta Militants and IPOB secessionists.

“Most unfortunately, Amnesty International has not been able to convince Nigerians otherwise that it does not harbor such plan. It has done nothing to assure our country that it does not have such ugly agenda for us.”

Speaking further, Ayokunle said, it is an insult that Amnesty International has N10 billion earmarked for Nigeria and all it could think of is how to use that fund to cause misery, greater misery than it has already visited on our people.

He added, “We ask Amnesty International why this money would not be deployed to improve the quality of life of displaced persons. What if this money was deployed to cater for vulnerable persons from the several crises it has been implicated in sponsoring?

“What does Amnesty International Stand to gain by destroying Nigeria? What does it stand to lose when Nigeria maintains its corporate existence and sovereignty?

We are aware that all previous opportunities for Amnesty International to set the records straight were scoffed at.

“We expect that Amnesty International will again attempt to trivialize the issues we have raised today but we also want to let the staffers and management of the NGO in Nigeria to know that the shoe is now on the other foot. Nigerians are no longer the pliable population it found when it began supporting Boko Haram against the state. It will not find willing allies among our citizens to pursue its dirty agenda.”

He called on the federal government of Nigeria to treat this development with all the seriousness it deserves and Amnesty International to vacate Nigeria until a time when there security agencies are able to ascertain the true position of things and who exactly is the enemy of Nigeria.

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