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Health Insurance, A Panacea

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Something peculiar and of utmost importance as touching Health insurance as far as this word of fast rising discoveries go is the need stay relevant, unique and most importantly, urgently live up to its present day trends and concerns which stays matchless in necessity seeing the inevitability of sound health. No one would readily undermine the effect that good health inspires and spurs up for the continual existence of any living human. This is why amongst other emergencies, a major that should be considered and acted upon is the insurance of one’s health. Hence, the reason for these major keywords that would guide your knowledge and interest in the subject discussed.

If you are a health care services provider particular about giving qualitative, top notch and affordable service to people for the eradication of diseases, you ought to know these keywords outlined below which are, anyway, not restricted to these.


  • Medicare

Medicare is such a national health insurance program that caters for adults who are exactly sixty five(65) years of age or older. Not just that. There are children, teenagers and younger adults that although are not that age but are categorized under this same program. These are those with disabilities like failures in their internal organs such as the Kidney, a liver challenge and so on that could end demand a transplant or/and dialysis.


  • Single Payer Health Care

Single-payer healthcare is a healthcare program that is totally paid for by taxes of the healthcare for the general residents and the cost is financed by a lone governmental system. In this policy, they may also source for healthcare services outside the public sector or organization into the private organization. Either ways, it is financed by a single body.


  • Primary Health Care

Primary health care majorly is the kind of health care that concerns scientifically approved and widely acceptable modes of functionality  with the influence of technology and which makes what we call “The universal health care” available to persons and families in a given place. With an affordable cost, the main aim of this healthcare methods is to foster the spirit of reliability and determination. It is the bedrock of the universal healthcare.


  • Universal Health Care

This health care system is a kind of system that is concerned with providing health care and monetary coverage to all citizens of a given country, hence, their other reference, Universal health coverage.  World Health Organization as a body defines it as a circumstance where individuals have access to health services without financial sufferings.

It also releases benefits to members of a community with the mindset of incurring financial downturn and giving a maximum access to health services. However, it is not mean a coverage for everything. It refers to who is covered, the cost and services covered.


  • Home Health Care

Home health care is a supportive kind of care that is administered in the home. This kind of care are administered by professional healthcare providers. In-home medical care is most times and most preferably referred to as a formal provisional care or  home health care.. However, using the term “Home health care is used to set a difference between it and a non-medical care,  private care or a custodial care which are supports administered by those who are wither nurses or doctors. Not even a professional healthcare practitioner. Some are bedridden and their issue is terminal. For those sets of people, their care includes hot-spice. For patients that are just recuperating, their care might involve homely therapies.

Furthermore, this type of care helps the aged, adults, and patients who are just recovering after an hospital experience. They care by providing additional support to remain safe at home and avoid any kind of further hospitalized treatments.





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