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Improving your organization’s elevator pitch for maximum impact

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In world seized and upheld by the mastery and authority of business tycoons, one would, of necessity, deliberately brace up with adequate preparedness and readiness especially if the only way to prove oneself and make listeners heed and show interest in whatsoever you have for them is in a short and in an undetailed manner such as an elevator speech or elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is a brief description (say 30seconds to 40seconds) of a particular product or laid down idea of an establishment that summarizes the speaker’s narration in such a way that the listener will understand. The summary would contain the product, who it as made for, how it works and why it is needed. However, you can make your organization’s elevator pitch or speech effective and of maximum impact even in you next conference in these outlined ways.

  • Your organization must own Responsibilities beyond their Job Description

As much as being dedicated to your job remains your ultimate pursuit as an organization to avoid unnecessary distractions or lay downs, many times than not, it is important you see beyond your nose and aspire to own a responsibility beyond your job description. In giving such speech, begin with your organization’s name and the title of your job, then you can follow briefly with a tip of you current responsibility.

Thereafter, improve on your elevator pitch as you go beyond your current job description into describing a responsibility you are willing to take up. A good example is “Our organization is presently involved in making sanitary pads and we aspire to mentor other organizations in that line”. It places your organization in the role of a leadership even amidst every other sanitary pad organizations present at the conference.

  • Choose areas that showcase your leadership skills

The next course of action after your organization’s name, job title, and responsibilities is to conclude your elevator pitch with a brief that makes you the leader for higher-level duties even in the conference.

Do not articulate the fact that you are busy or available for a level task by scheduling client’s meetings or simply selling software. The only thing this type of attitude portrays is that you will attract those of that caliber. What your organization needs to do is to select core areas where their leadership skills will be known and this way, a huge impact will be the lot of your organization right from the conference where other organizations will see them as the leader that they have anticipated.

  • Use active and leadership words

It is important the use of word is observed and not taken for granted as a careful examination of the way we communicate with others is paramount. Laurie Oare, the central region president at US Foods says “In a subtle way, we convey our confidence and professionalism in every interaction that we have with co-workers, customers, superiors, and subordinates” So, it is important you spice up the way you deliver your elevator pitch by using words that portrays you as a leader so as to send a irresistibly focused and powerful message to your listeners at the conference.

With your words, you can either elevate your business or tower it down.


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