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Online marketing communication process

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Every advancement, online or not, has a tie to its origin, no matter how rebranded it becomes. This is evident in every area of human endeavor. One of these areas is the marketing world is that things graduated from the stone age to the era of industrialization that birth the traditional era. Finally, here we are currently experiencing the online or digital dispensation of marketing.

At every point in this laudable history, there is always a process which every marketing activities dwell on to thrive. Just before the arrival of online marketing, we were graced with what is now termed Traditional Marketing, a product of what was being practiced in the stone age but now covered in prints and electronic media.

An online marketing communication process is the adoption of marketing tools to get the message of the manufacturer to the final consumer of a product or service. As much as it means to communicate, it is also the completion of the process of marketing that starts with the manufacturer and ends with the final consumer.

Traditional marketing communication has its own process called the Marketing mix, which entails the proper adoption and mix of the following: Public Relations, Advertising, Sponsorship, Personal selling, direct marketing and sales promotion to accomplish set goals of marketing. And just like traditional marketing, the online marketing communication process took its strength and format from these mix tactics.

Therefore, it is safe to say online marketing communication process is the appropriate mix of some online marketing elements to achieve the aims, goals, and objectives of marketing on the internet. We are going to be examining these elements one after another below:

  • Social Media Marketing: This represents all the marketing processes that occur on all Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and many more. With the help of accumulated data on these platforms, marketers have been able to adopt these metrics for their marketing manipulations. For example, Facebook has to some extent a complex social media advertising program that allows advertisers to focus on over 1 billion people, based on their bio data. Social media marketing is often merged with Search Engine Optimization and few others in the online marketing communication process.


  • Online PR or Digital PR: Online public relations, or Digital Public Relations (DPR) tend to be a process of online marketing communications which encourage a positive perception or profile of a business or an organization. Asides adverts that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are used for, they could also be used for customer service operations for companies. Especially in an era where everything has become on-the-go, online PR is always at alert to respond appropriately. Online PR may come in form of mention on news channel, either in text, graphics or video, positive retweets, shares, leads generation etc.


  • Content Marketing: It may have become a cliché that “Content is King” no matter how age-long that has become, it is still intact and as effective as far as anyone could attach importance to it. This is a deliberate attention given to contents sent out online that has marketing details, either through the use of “keywords” “metatags” “headings” etc., to achieve marketing aim.


  • Search Engine Optimization Marketing: This is the use of SEO as a marketing tool to gain the best position for your business on search engines like Google and Bing. Once a new visitor is attracted, the positioning of text or Calls-To-Action (CTA) will keep such visitor on your website for long, that will lead them to your marketing tunnel.


  • Display Advertising: This, typically, is the first type of advertising that comes to mind when thinking about the Internet. Display advertising is simply the adverts that you see when you visit any website. Examples such as banner adverts or sidebar adverts that run across the top page or sides of the website. Also video adverts that run as auto play once you log into a website or the ones attached to Google AdWords or AdSense etc.


  • Opt-in E-mail Marketing: This usually pops up when you log in to a website as a form that encourages visitors to apply for newsletters and updates from such website. The idea of opt-in email is that participant get give their permission, rather than getting enlisted on a database of newsletters and updates without their knowledge. It could also be called permission marketing.


The proper mix of the above would definitely lead to an outstanding Online Marketing Communication that places pride on budget invested for an excellent return on Investment.

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