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Serial killer still on the loose?

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The investigation for the Port Harcourt serial killer is still ongoing following the deaths of five females in the last month. Their killing have sparked fears of “serial killings” targeting suspected sex workers.

Since July 2019, a serial killer has been luring women to nondescript hotels in Port Harcourt (and maybe in Owerri, the Imo State capital), probably having sex with them, drugging them and then proceeding to strangle them with white cloths, same discernible pattern meted on all the victims found so far.

An eyewitness, who simply identified himself as Peter said, “The girl is just a teenager, we found her corpse lying with her clothes yesterday evening in the hotel room. Her killer was nowhere to be found

Officers have arrested a suspect who had made “useful confessions” and they were pursuing other accomplices, Rivers State police commissioner Mustapha Dandaura said in a statement late on Tuesday.

They suspected the murders were for ritual practices, he added.

“After the killings, a white cloth material is rolled on the victims’ necks or waists. So, there is an element of cultism in all the killings in the hotels that have taken place,” Dandaura said.

“The serial killer normally drugs his victims and thereafter, he strangles them,” he added.

Outrage at the killings and the police response spilled over on to social media after police told protestors that women should abandon prostitution to avoid being targeted.

“We must go back to try to educate them (women) and discourage them from going into prostitution because that is how they fall victim to these crimes,” deputy commissioner of police, Chuks Enwonwu told demonstrators.

What does this even mean? That prostitutes deserves to die or we don’t care about the lives of young women anymore?

Are females even protected in this country? Daily I see reasons why people have no regard for human life and more for women, even the police.

In response to the declaration of the police, women took to the streets of Port Hartcourt in a series of protests calling for better police protection.

Protesters and activists condemned the police response, saying all women were vulnerable to the rising attacks.

After the statements made by the police, Twitter users are calling for the protection of girls and women in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State.

See reactions:

Our Nigerian government need to something about the security of this country, Nigeria is not safe at all, every new day it’s a sad story, I’m really tired of it.#ProtectPhGirls (@Musty_SNK) September 16, 2019

Whether you are fighting for a just cause or not, this is indirectly justifying the serial killer even the said sex workers are human, they don’t deserve to die in such manner.#ProtectPhGirls #ProtectPHWomen (@ApokiDickson) September 16, 2019

It’s obvious the state government has no value for the women and daughters in Rivers State. If they do truly understand the importance of women in a society them they would bring this killer to justice.

What is Wike and his cabinet doing?#ProtectPHWomen #ProtectPhGirls @iamkvngdavid_) September 16, 2019

Wow.Just learnt that serial killer is on the loose in Port Harcourt and has allegedly killed 10 women at diff places by strangulation. What is the NPF doing about this?
To ladies in PH, pls step up your personal safety measures. /#ProtectPhGirls #ProtectPHWomen #SerialKillerInPH (@MojiDelanoBlog) September 16, 2019

Hotels are not built solely for prostitutes. Even if they were, “protection” should come first before this lame “criticism”. Protect your citizens and stop failing them every time. #ProtectPhGirls (@opydoc) September 16, 2019

Y’all really wanna make it seem like it’s the “immorality”/“illegality” of prostitution that makes it okay to justify these killings, but there are popular hotels where yahoo boys go, why isn’t anyone going to kill them? Yeah, I thought so. Cause they’re not women #ProtectPhGirls  (@ebelee_) September 16, 2019

This isn’t time to start asking irrelevant questions. Women were killed here, and the killer(s) still out there. We need security operatives to do the job they are paid to do; protect every citizen.
#ProtectPhGirls (@oghenepauline) September 16, 2019

Why would this start happening now, what has changed, what is new, why in Port Harcourt, why target our females, why act this movie… Let this be heard in all the news.
Stop killing our girls
Stop killing our sister’s
Stop killing our daughters.#ProtectPhGirls #ProtectPhGirls (@Ezzybizzle) September 16, 2019

How did we even arrive here? I mean how did we assume the victims were prostitutes?? #ProtectPhGirls (@I_pissVodka) September 16, 2019

Even prostitutes deserve protection. So kill that foolish narrative that the girls being killed are prostitutes. #ProtectPhGirls (@FejiroEsq) September 16, 2019

I think we’ve gotten to the point in civilization where we shouldn’t crucify people because of choices they make (as adults) if these choices don’t affect us directly. So even if a lady chooses prostitution as a profession, she deserves to be killed? Very shity! #ProtectPhGirls (@A_mekuz) September 16, 2019

The main problem is not if the ladies are prostitutes or not, it’s the fact that serial killers are on the loose. Today its girls, tomorrow their thirst for blood can get to something “bigger”. Everyone, both individuals and security should be extra vigilant! #ProtectPhGirls (@UMEHoma) September 16, 2019

I wonder what the hotels are using their CCTV for. You should be able to help with providing pictures and all. People can’t just be killed in your hotels while you all have nothing else to do. You should have a camera outside to show their cars and Number plates #ProtectPhGirls (@FavoredSinner) September 16, 2019

It is unclear if a lone wolf is responsible for the killings at this point or if a group of deranged murderers are perpetrating all of this in cahoots but as at this moment, police have enforced restrictions on hotels in the city, forcing hotel owners to install closed-circuit cameras to monitor activity or face closure.

The question remains, should sex workers be protected? And when will the police find the serial killer?

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