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Weird food around the world

There are different kinds of food to each country and it’s culture, It’s time to take a trip around the world and delve into all the weird foods tou might possibly like to try or have tried. Raw Horse Meat Eating horse is quite taboo in many cultures, but in Japan and Korea (especially on the island of Jeju) you ...

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As we celebrate #WorldFoodDay, let us drool on our Nigerian food and appreciate what we got but a little about #WorldFoodDay, shall we? The theme of World Food Day 2019 is “Our Actions Are Our Future. Healthy Diets for a #ZeroHunger World”. It focuses on tackling global hunger, due to globalization, urbanization and income growth, our diets and eating habits ...

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First things first, breakfast!

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning, do you think of more sleep or food? There are a great number of adults who skip breakfast despite it being regarded famously known as the most important meal of the day During a busy morning, it’s easy to let breakfast fall low in your list of ...

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Business Ideas

You have been feeling lost, desperate and eager to start up a business but can’t really settle for one? Here are some really good business ideas you can ponder on. some you may need lots of cash for it, some you may need little, you may need to get trained for some and some you can start up with little ...

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