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Dealing with loneliness

Loneliness is a universal human emotion that is both complex and unique to each individual. All of us get lonely at one time or another. In fact, loneliness is a normal reaction to feeling disconnected from others either physically, emotionally, or both. But that doesn’t mean that it is an easy emotion to live with. Feelings of loneliness are personal, ...

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loneliness and sadness

Sometimes we feel down, and we don’t know the source of that sadness. Not knowing the source of that pain can be upsetting. It’s important to know that your feelings are valid. If we’re feeling sad when we wake up, or sadness creeps upon us for no apparent reason during the day, this is troubling. That’s when it’s important to ...

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Words you felt don’t exist

yes, so we are back to part two of emotions you did not know actually have words. whatever and however you feel can be termed as something, it has actual words. for example sad, sick, and angry, your feelings and thoughts have words. Avenoir The desire that memory could flow backward. We take it for granted that life moves forward. ...

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Those emotions have words

Would you believe if I told you there are actual words for emotions you feel but can’t explain? Yes there are words. All culled from Dictionary of obscure sorrow. Midding Feeling the tranquil pleasure of being near a gathering but not quite in it. chatting outside a party while others dance inside, resting your head in the backseat of a ...

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