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For how long?

For how long will women continue to live like this? Let me give you some facts. 99.1 million Estimated number of women in Nigeria, over 24.8 million may have experienced some form of sexual violence. And for almost 70 per cent of that number, it was more than a happenstance. It is very interesting to note that 24.8 per cent ...

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God forbid we are woke

What does it mean to be woke? It’s a perceived and continuing awareness of issues concerning social justice and other forms of oppression and injustice. It’s a point of realization of what is to be, not to be and never should have being. Here goes… Are we woke because we’re tired of the laid rules set by the society, more ...

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prostitution, a job or not?

Prostitution as some people call it or sex work, is the practice, business, or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone in exchange for payment. There are an estimated 42 million prostitutes around the world and while some are legal others are illegal in some parts of the world. The sex worker rights movement has grown significantly over the ...

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Is he the serial killer?

Rivers State police command has arrested a suspected serial killer of young women, Mr. Gracious David West, who confessed to killing a woman in a hotel allegedly lures his victims to low budget hotels in Port-Harcourt, the state capital. The26-year old serial killer, who is also a cultist- a member of the Degbam cult group, was nabbed enroute Uyo, Akwa ...

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Serial killer still on the loose?

The investigation for the Port Harcourt serial killer is still ongoing following the deaths of five females in the last month. Their killing have sparked fears of “serial killings” targeting suspected sex workers. Since July 2019, a serial killer has been luring women to nondescript hotels in Port Harcourt (and maybe in Owerri, the Imo State capital), probably having sex ...

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sperm war?

The female immune system DOES attack sperm as foreign cells! Not only is that but the vaginal pH too acid for sperm cells to survive! It takes the speed of the ejaculate, the less acid mean of the sperm and the speed of the sperm cells to travel their journey to be able to achieve the ovule – and during ...

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