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Themed Party Ideas

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A great theme idea is a fantastic way to have a successful party. It basically uplifts the audience moods, while enjoying the party’s great scenery. From the costumes, to the decorations and style and sumptuous party menus. Having a theme or a direction for your party gives it a phase and attract audience faster than normal parties. We have compiled some of the best theme ideas you could always use for your party or gathering.


  1. Karaoke Party: A karaoke party tends to heighten happiness, having a sort of DIY ideas, where individual sings, jokes, and dance or do whatever they feel like doing. A karaoke dance is best when there is enough booze, as it makes one freer and in a better position to sing, laugh amidst freedom.


  1. Blind-Wine Tasting: This is great for wine lovers. One can get different vintage wines while wrapping the bottles and have guests taste them. The guests will have to guess the wine name and year from their taste. This is a great for older citizens who love wines.


  1. Book Club Party: This is for those who enjoy literature. It can be either politics, history, romance, drama, poetry etc. One can have guests gathered in a room or a bonfire to discuss a choice book while sipping wine and barbecue fish.


  1. Picnic Party: Picnic is an awesome way to share quality time with friends and family. It can be done on the beach, gardens or the comfort of your homes


  1. Game Party: A perfect place to show your X-box, Checkers, Monopoly, PlayStation and many other ancient games.


  1. Pirate Party: Designing your party like pirate and having your guest dress like Captain Jack Sparrow is a sure way to spice your party.


  1. Supermodel Bash: Having being inspired by supermodels, you can always organize a supermodel inspired party where all your guest dress like their favorite supermodel


  1. Truth or Dare: This is one of world’s most popular game. Have your friends gather for the truth or dare game.  It is a sure way to get to know yourselves


  1. Red Party: Red often signifies love. Throwing a love party where every guest comes with their partner in a touch of red in costumes and decorations. It is a fantastic idea for a Valentine party.


  1. Campfire Night Party: You can have your guest gathered for a super campfire on a full moon night. Having a campfire night is a sure way to get attention from everyone.


  1. Only Beer Party: You can organize a party for beer lovers. Having different beer booth all over the party is a great way to unwind amidst buzzing music.


  1. Football Lovers Party: Throwing a football lovers’ party, with guests wearing their favourite football club jersey is an awesome way to know friends of same club and increasing football rivalry.


  1. Pizza Party: Have your friends bring in varieties of pizza from different diners and compare taste. It is a good idea for pizza lovers


  1. Old-School Party: You can create a party atmosphere like the early 80’s, with guest dressing the old-school way and all-time great old-school music playing in the background.


  1. Backyard Carnival: You can always set up a carnival for your community which will feature the right decorations, costumes, candies, games. it is a sure way to spend free time.


  1. Masquerade Party: Have your guests conceal their identity with masks. It is a sure way to approach your crush and have fun with complete strangers.


  1. Grammy Night Party: Have your friends gather to watch the Grammy awards, while discussing the awards winning act and the party’s show of fashion


  1. Movie Night Party: Invite your friend for an all-nighter during weekend to see that anticipated movie.


  1. All-White Party: Throw an all-white party for you guest. You can even bring in white wine, white costumes and decorations.


  1. Trivia Night: Gather fun trivia questions for your guests and give gifts for high performance.


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