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Create Your Own WordPress Website

Long before now, the credibility of a product, service or brand in particular is usually attached to the location of their administrative office. Having a place to call an office was the main attribute to look out for. Interestingly, things have moved away from physical spaces to the virtual world; hence, the need to have a virtual place to showcase your presence and readiness to offer one service or another.

For this reason, virtually everyone has been conditioned to own a website or another, in order to appear credible and serious minded in their respective fields. It has not only become popular to having a website as an individual but it is now optimally possible for anyone that has computer knowledge to build his or her own website. This is made possible with the use of the world’s most common Content Management Platform; with WordPress, you can create your own website.

Important information: Before we go into the friendly steps in creating your own website with WordPress, there is something very important to know before sitting before your PC to start forming like a programmer, designing your website. You need to know that the name you will eventually use as part of the domain name of your website (i.e. the name given to your website), needs to carry the psychology that led to creating your website in the first place. It is the first point of branding for who you are and whatever brand you are putting out there. For example, Bruce and Ben Upholstery Cleaning Services, can use “bandbupholsteryservices” before the .com or the .org.

Now that you are certain of how to craft your name to represent who you are or what you do, here are the easy steps to build your own website using WordPress:

Step First: Get your domain and your hosting

Once you have found the name of your website, the next step is to get the domain and hosting. The domain is the name of your website ( and hosting brings your website to the Internet. There are many domain and hosting websites around, for example On these websites that offer these services, you would be able to confirm if your desired domain name is available or not. This is because there are lots of people moving around with the same idea like yours. So, you would determine if it is .com that is available or .org. If .com is available, it is advisable to use .com to save your customers the stress of confusion.

Step Two: Set up your account

Once you have your domain name and hosting, you can start setting up your account.

To set up your account:

  • Click on “Webhosting”
  • Click on “Configuration”
  • Enter a username and password (to manage your hosting account)

You will see a text like this: After a short video, you will be directed to the control panel (cpanel).

Your account is now ready and you can proceed to the next step, installing WordPress.

Step Three: Install WordPress

In 2016, 90% of people use WordPress to build their websites. This is because:

It’s free: WordPress is 100% free

For Beginners: Even novice users can create incredible websites with WordPress.

Powerful and easy to use for mobile devices: WordPress can be used to create any kind of website. Your website will also be optimized for mobile phones and tablets.

Easy Help: If you want to add a new feature to your site, you only need Google. Due to the popularity of WordPress, you can easily find what you want on the internet.

To date, 74.6 million websites are running on WordPress.

Therefore, it is obvious that WordPress is the best way to start your website. Follow these steps to install WordPress:

  • Click on the WordPress icon in your control panel.
  • Then click on “install this application”.
  • Scroll down and enter an administrator username and password. This will be the username and password for WordPress.
  • Enter your e-mail address and the title of your website.
  • Click Install
  • WordPress will now be installed on your hosting server. To access your website, click on the link “”.

You will be redirected to the WordPress panel. Here you control everything on your website.

Step Four: Customize your website

The biggest advantage of WordPress is that you can change the design of your website with just a few clicks.

This is done with the help of themes.

WordPress has thousands of amazing themes available for free.

Just do a Google search for free WordPress themes and choose the one that suits you best. You can also download some great free themes here.

To install a new theme:

  • Go to the board
  • In appearance, click the topics
  • Add a new theme
  • Click on Download above
  • Select the compressed file you downloaded.
  • Preparation for the start
  • Add your content

There are two types of content that you can add to your WordPress site/blog:

  1. Posts:

Publications are the articles that he publishes regularly. These are also called blog posts. They are organized by the release date.

2 Pages:

They are static, e.g. about us page, contact us, etc. These pages usually appear in the navigation menu.

You can add posts and pages by clicking on the link below the new menu.

Create the navigation menu of your site

With WordPress, you can create menus that help the user navigate your website.

Create the menu:

  1. Click on the link Customize
  2. Click on “Menu” and “Add Menu”
  3. Enter a name and click on “Create a menu”
  4. Now add the desired pages to the menu.

If you want to add more features to your website, such as: For example, creating a business or an e-commerce site, WordPress can do that too! Just install a plugin that makes that happen.

These are the basic steps to creating your own website using WordPress.



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