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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing then, is the use of Social Media websites and applications to market a company’s products and services with the use of all the available marketing tools. Social Media Marketing provides companies with an ample way to reach new customers and also engage with existing customers, since Social Media has bridged the long gap between the manufacturer/company and the customer/consumer.

It is when these platforms allow marketers to apply a broad range of strategies, tactics and metrics to promote content. Due to the way Social media platforms have been built, they provide users with detailed geographical, biodata, and demographic information, which allows marketers to fashion their message to what results into appropriate targeting. This comes to essence because Internet audiences can be better grouped than most of the traditional marketing channels. There is a more convincing and workable indexes that make marketers focus their resources on the appropriate audience.

Therefore, a major strategy that Social media marketers use is to understand user behaviors and tailor their messages to meet them. This strategy dwells more on word of mouth (a major marketing tool), and provides several benefits. It helps increase the message’s reach to networks and users that a social media manager may not consider or might not have had access to. Also, shared content lead to advocacy when it goes from one person to another and this builds trust.

That is why social media marketing revolves round strategy that leads into sticky and echoing content i.e. ones that arrest users’ attention and also increase the possibilities that users will then give desired action, such as using the sharing tools on these platforms to get them to their own networks, also lead to purchase a product. So, the background focus is virility; content that has capabilities of going viral as quick as possible.

Not all is a bed of roses about Social Media Marketing, as far as social media platforms could provide benefits for marketer, it also can expose marketers to dangers and obstacles for their companies, products, and services. For example, a social media user that released a bad video review of a company’s product or service, and knowing videos go viral on social media these days, it could lead to ample danger for the product, service, or company if appropriate measures are not taken rapidly. Likewise, it is not every time that these contents are sent out that they bring desired or expected results.

Therefore, social media marketing is an on-the-go concept that needs managers to be on their toes 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and alive 52 weeks in a year, reviewing, revising, monitoring and following the trends of things as they happen.



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