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6 things you probably didn’t know about Falz the Bad Guy

The all-talented musician with great swag and humour, Falz the Bad guy, is actually a whole lot more than we know. Born as Folarin Falana on 27th October 1990, he has become an impressive Nigerian musician and the founder of Bahd Guy Records. He also holds an honours degree in LLB law. Born and raised in Lagos Nigeria, Falz has managed to stand out in his music career. He is also known for his funny skits “Ello Bae”

Beyond his swag and funny sense of humour, Falz has other things that are seemingly unbelievable.


1. He is a very shy person!

Regardless of the fact that he is always in the lime light and in different shows; Falz is a very shy person. He claims to be very uncomfortable in the spotlight but he however uses his alter ego “Uncle Taju” when he is on stage. But, when he is off stage is very shy.

2. He is not a comedian

Falz, who is loved for his social media funny skit ‘ello bae’ says that he is not a comedian. Even though his Ello Bae skits get every average Nigerian laughing especially with his funny Yoruba accent, Falz has more passion for acting “I have a passion for film, so acting is something I would probably do sooner than later. I plan to have my own TV show.” It is no wonder why he has been acting with Funke Akindele in Jenifas diary.

3. He has a clothing line

As seen in his dressings, Falz has an impeccable sense of style. One would think that being a lawyer he would always be corporately dressed. However, his sense of fashion and style has gone beyond just himself. After his hit single in 2014 “Elllo Bae”, Falz started a clothing line and named it Ello Bae. His clothing line is currently doing well in the market.

4. He had a band in secondary school

In His secondary school days, before Falz became successful in the music industry; Falz was in a boy band in 2009. His band was named “The School Boys” and they took the music serious since he released some compilation of their recordings titled “Shakara: The Mixtape”.

5. He keeps his private life, very private

Falz has been very successful so far in making sure he doesn’t mix pleasure with work. He has managed to keep his relationship and private life private. There have been numerous guesses and rumours on who he is really in a relationship with. He was once rumoured to be dating one of Wizkid’s exes and he is said to also have feelings for the popular musician Simi. But no one can really point out who the rapper is with.

6. BAHD is an acronym

His stage name Falz the Bahd Guy is actually an acronym. Falz was deduced from his last name and BAHD Guy is a title and acronym that means Brilliant And Highly Distinct.



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