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7 Free Career Changing Tip

The world has moved past the era of having a lord over a large landscape where he or she would have a lot of people serving under him or pay treaty for him or her. It has also moved from the slave trade to the days of the Industrial revolution that paved ways for many privately owned companies and firms around the world where individuals get to have a say in the economic affairs of the state.

Away from this history, we are now in the era of self-discovery, where each and every human tap into the deposit of talent and purpose is given to them by nature and the maker. It is the time where there are no more boundaries to human reach and achievements. It is the era where passion has grown to become many people’s profession and career. When we now have such existing, what should be the watching guide for anyone who just wants to venture into an enterprise or personality?

Here are some career changing tips that should serve as guiding principles for anyone who wants to spark a new fire of entrepreneurship in them:

  • Know yourself: Like the air is ultimate for the living, as an entrepreneur you need to know who you are. This is where knowing your purpose and what your passion is come in to play. It is safe to know what your strength is, do not venture into a business because you have seen it become successful in someone else’s hands. Knowing and dealing with who you determine what you would make out of the business you are venturing into. Knowing yourself also entails finding out the business or venture you can go into considering the passion that comes with it to you.
  • Learn from an expert: Jack Ma, CEO of Ali Baba, in his advice for different age groups advised that being an intending entrepreneur, you need to learn from experts. He pointed out specifically that even when it is good to go to bigger organizations to learn the trade, you would still not get the necessary build-up like learning under someone running a small business. When you learn from such person, you will be exposed to all the processes of such service or product because it is small in size. You would be able to grow with the act of multitasking because little businesses have lesser hands doing bigger things.
  • Start anyhow and anytime: You must know that there is no perfect time to start, neither is there an age limit to becoming great. You just start. Learn from the founder of KFC. Col. Sаndеrѕ wаѕ an еntrерrеnеur who did not become a рrоfеѕѕіоnаl chef until he was 40, did not frаnсhіѕе Kеntuсkу Frіеd Chісkеn until hе wаѕ 62, and did not bесоmе an icon until аftеr hе ѕоld his company at 75. What entrepreneurship demands is doggedness and your zeal for outstanding successes.
  • Fail and fail forward: Here is an advice a popular Hollywood actor, Denzel Washington, gave some higher institution students on their graduation. Yes, he is not a business owner, he is an actor but this advice comes in handy for anyone who wants to achieve greatness as an entrepreneur. Never see failure as what is calling on you to stop doing. You have to see it as the processes you are going through to greatness. Col. Sanders’ Chicken Recipe was rejected 1,009 times before it was accepted. Failure is a better builder than success.
  • Join trends or improve them: The pitiable story of how Nokia Mobile lost the fight as one of the leading mobile phone companies in the world comes to play here. Nokia engaged in what one could term as organizational-pride when they refused to join the trend of Android device-making companies. Instead, they went ahead to do a hybrid of an old Operating System. What happened? They lost their share of the market and eventually sold the arm of mobile device-making to Microsoft. You should know that whatever you are venturing into is not new, you are not the only one in that area, hence; a call for you to watch out for developments around.
  • Have a global approach: Mark Zuckerberg refused to see “The Facebook” when it started as a college thing. He improved and hit the world with a new community that would break many barriers and borders between citizens of different countries. In whatever you are pitching for, always remember that you are not a local champion. Peach and reach for the world.
  • Keep doing and winning: Like Microsoft, like Facebook, like Mercedes, like Ali Baba, like Adidas, like Gucci, and like any other businesses around the world that keep amazing the world with new feats, see winning as your regular dose of growth. You can never win without doing so, keep doing and keep winning.


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