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Some Unusual Hobbies People Do

Hobbies are what we do in our leisure to derive a certain kind of pleasure. Some will do the most damnable thing that gives them joy and there’s no limit.

Well, here are some really unusual hobbies people do

Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing “EI” is a competitive sport where participants iron clothing in different, usually extreme, situations like while rock climbing, the ocean, surfing, on a kayak etc.

Painting memes

Painting A Collection Of Memes was someone’s hobby and it came out beautiful.

Bottle flipping

This game trended a while back but some have mastered it that they can flip the top of the bottle and the bottom.


Zlatan (Nigerian artist) has a cheat code for this

Built a city with paper

A German Retiree Paul Sperber, Aged 78, Has Been Building A Model City Out Of Paper For Almost 65 Years.

Dumpster Diving

People digging through dumpsters to find things of interest to either sell or keep as their own is not what I imagined would be an hobby but it is and it’s weird. You have to have a good eye and the right location to find those things of value.

“One mans trash is another mans treasure”, right?


Photoshop as hobbyPeople will Photoshop anything into anything. One photoshops his Cat Into Movie Posters And another photoshops animals into random things.

Tree Shaping

Tree shaping to objects or anything This is an art of manipulating living trees into various positions or shapes and priming them to grow into those shapes. It’s something natural and beautiful.

Beetle fighting

It’s beetle against beetle in small arenas, is more than an activity but a sport and an avenue to make money. They’re the John Cena and undertaker of bugs.

These beetles are bred, pit against eachother while Fans bet on who is going to be the winner.

Sand collection

Sand collection People collect and store sand from places they visit. For example if you visit Ikorodu for the first time, you collect the sand and keep.

News bombing

News bombing Appearing as a bystander in the background of television show, news or story is news bombing. One can successfully bomb with planning and zero shame.


Who gets to do the best impression of a cow to win money?

This is a competitive sport, and a 10-year old boy recently won $1,000 in Wisconsin for making the best impression of a cow.

Train surfing

This means jumping out of a passenger train to hitch a ride.

Train surfing Nobody will tell you not to try this in Nigeria, you’ll just know.

Collect rocks that look like egg

Collecting stones Some stones are so beautiful that you just want to keep them.



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