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Art, a mеаns for self-discovery and Healing

Everything about the world is artistic and art is the soul of the universe. Art comes to humans as a way of making human beings creators on their own; with art, many things have been given birth to, from music, to inventions, to all the things that hold this world together, including technology. With art, movie script writers have envisioned the future of technology and scientists have turned their dreams to reality.

Not only that art is so fluid to the point of appearing in every areas of human endeavors, it also has a larger portion in the human emotional and psychological systems. This is why, therapists have taken a step further to make almost all forms of art as means of therapy for human existence.

This article will not touch all forms of art and how they could be used for self-healing and self-discovery, it would only describe how handmade paintings in creating an artistic circle could be adopted in the following steps:

Decide which art materials you need

You must first select your drawing material. Again, there are no limits. Some ideas for getting started can be markers, watercolors, pastels, crayons, oils, etc. You’ll also need something to draw or paint like a piece of paper, canvas, cardboard, or anything else that comes to mind suggesting something 12×18 inches in size. If you have a compass there (or anything that helps you draw a circle), it would also be useful. Suggestion: You can use anything round and solid; a cup, a pot or anything else that helps you draw clean circles.

A good location is important

It is also recommended that you create your painting in a room that offers the least amount of distraction. The experience has to be personal. Unless, of course, you participate in a group painting.

Let yourself be inspired by your feelings and emotions

Again, there are no rules or restrictions regarding Handmade Painting designs. You do not have to use circles alone, though your art should look like a circular pattern. If not, you can do what catches your eye. In fact, it is recommended that your feelings inspire your creations and the art of Painting.

Your completed painting represents and reflects who you were at the moment of creation. If you want, you can give your painting a title and a creation date.

Now, after completing your Painting type activity

After completing your Handmade Painting art activities, make a note of the colors you have used. Recognize, maybe even write, what are the predominant colors in your Painting. Note also the least used colors. Now look at the pictures and shapes that you have created. Note the hard and soft lines, the irregular or smooth edges. Is there a zone with high contrast? Write down your feelings and / or memories as you think about the colors, shapes, images and designs of your Painting. You should be able to make connections between your Painting and the emotions and emotions you experienced when creating it.

This is a very personal and introspective activity and process so the results can vary. Again, it is important to realize that your Handmade Painting is a symbol, a reflection of who you were when you created it. Ideally, the process of creating the Painting should produce a form of self-healing, self-expression and / or self-discovery.

Wish you good luck!

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