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Ban on Okada and kekenapep

How do you ban major transport before providing means to replace them?

All I see is he promised to provide alternative means of transportation for Lagosians in the wake of its ban on commercial motorcyclists and tricyclists in certain areas of the metropolis but for now since Nigeria is heading to the promise land, Indigenes of Lagos should start first, yea?

The govt might have done well with the ban, many of these riders are untrained and end up endangering the lives of others through recklessness. You will agree with me that the menace of “okada riders and keke napep” may not curtail-able even with the existence of The 2012 Traffic Law but how many riders observe it?

But the importance and usefulness of bikes and keke in Lagos State is very peculiar because of its commercialization and Okada is the fastest means of transportation. Car owners tend to abandon their cars to take these okadas, it’s a faster means to work or wherever.

The enforcement will affect many people and banning was really not a bad decision but without a plan and other options, it’s totally senseless for now.

The ban has been widely condemned by residents as the government made no alternative arrangements for commuters, leaving many trekking and struggling to find means of reaching their destinations.

The state said the ban, which is being enforced in 15 local government areas and local council development areas across the state, became necessary due to the casualty figures resulting from their operations.

In a statement released on the official Twitter page of Lagos State Government Sunday evening, the government said “The little discomfort experienced by commuters on some routes due to the absence of motorcycles and tricycles is noted. This will not last as alternatives are being rolled out.”

The Alternative

It said a fleet of 65 buses will join the others on some major routes as from Monday February 3, 2020. “No less than 550 more buses are being expected. Besides, 14 ferries will be commissioned on Tuesday.”

It also said “this will further open up the waterways, reduce travel time on various routes and provide safe, dependable and comfortable alternatives for commuters.

“The government is not unaware that enforcing this directive may lead to some job losses. The Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, plans to announce some measures to tackle the likely effects of the order, besides the programs of various agencies, such as the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF), Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Office of Civic Engagement, Lagos State Parks and Gardens and others.”

The government has warned that those who are planning to unleash violence on the state because of the ongoing enforcement should have a change of heart.

“Lagosians are peace loving and law abiding people, who will not embrace any disruption of their legal activities by failed politicians hiding under the evil of unwholesome activism. The law enforcement agents have been directed to ensure that nobody takes the law into his hands. The government places a very high premium on law and order in the interest of all Lagosians.

“It will not fail to act when peace is threatened.”

The Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the Lagos State Governor on New Media, Mr_JAGs posted this on his twitter page

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT In effort to minimise the impact of the #Okadaban on Lagos commuters Lagos Bus Services Limited will be expanding its operations from Monday 3 Feb, 2020 to the following routes: We will also be increasing capacity on our existing routes.

What’s the plan for the people whose source of income is from “okada riding and keke napep”?

What alternative source of income has the government created for those affected?

Do they actually know that the crime rate will continue to increase and the government and innocent citizens will suffer if there’s no implemented source of income for them?

The jokes are flying all over social media, the trekking is on because of lack of transport, bus drivers increased fares and horses are riding too.





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