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Best advice from seasoned conference-goers for first-time attendees

Without any gainsaying, having a hold of adequate information about necessary events such as a conference, especially in this social world of novelty and a wide range of activity, cannot be overemphasized. It is nothing over and above making conscious efforts to gain knowledge from the experienced. Truthfully, this is the essence of our era. This is why the zeal and euphoria of a first time attendee of a conference should be directed towards wanting to grasp helpful hints and information from a seasoned and frequent goer, hence, the importance of listening and taking to advices .

There are a number of advices from seasoned conference goers that we would examine which are, but are not limited to the following:

  • Arrival and staying for the entire period of the conference.

You can never know the kind of information coming late or leaving early might obstruct. A major way of staying safe during a conference is by arriving a day before and leaving when everybody leaves. This way, you are able to make a valuable meaning of the conference and meet like minds with whom you share the same passion.


  • It could be an avenue to advertise your business/product

It is a given that conferences of any nature would always have one trademark, an influx of people. One major thing that should gain ascendancy in your mind while going for a conference is the need to make people patronize your business. It is, therefore of utmost necessity that you bring business cards as much as you want. Do not be shy about handing them out. You would most likely meet one or two folks you can keep in touch with professionally if you want to and this is just the boom you have been expecting in your business.

  • Read the schedule before hand

Many times than not, it is not impossible that in a conference, your area of interest is not what is always discussed. More so, if you can teach what is being addressed, plan well. This is why you have a schedule that comes in a written form. Read the schedule before you attend and plan what sessions you want to for. You should also have a plan B incase what is said does not interest you or talk to you in particular.  Do not pretend to pretend to stay in a session you are practically not gaining anything from.


  • Be an active participant

Nobody ever downplays the role of being active in the line of gaining awareness and knowledge. In a conference. It is expedient that the attendee remains active by laying comments on things observed that seem new or by asking questions for things that seem unclear.


  • Mind your behavior

Something that should form a major part of you consciousness is that at every conference, you are not as free as you think you are and this would mean looseness, lightness and loquaciousness is not permitted as there are potential patronages, clients and people are watching, hence, good behavior will be so much appreciated.


  • Buy the audio and video CDs recorded at the conference (If any)

Since the reason for attending a conference is the knowledge gained that would in turn be applicable in various spheres of the attendee’s life, a major way of reinforcing what has been learnt during the sessions is by replaying them back at your base and at your convenience. There is virtually no other way to accomplish that than buying the audio and video CDs recorded at the conference. This way the information gotten sticks better and lasts longer.





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