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Blast from the past

I am so grateful to be born in time when things were really fun, outdoor games were hot, friendship was everywhere, food stuff were relatively cheap, N5 could afford something worthy…so many memorable moment that can never be gotten back.

If you were born in the 80s / 90s, you would be familiar with these Legendary Old things that I will be sharing with you, you can ‘wow’ and dream of the past it’s allowed.

These are the things that made Millions of our childhood memorable and extremely pleasant.

I remember buying bread for N5 and N10, surprisingly, those bread were satisfactory.  Kids eat the N5 adult go for the N10.

Did you enjoy the days of digestive, speedy & coconut biscuits, that biscuits that was so hard you could lose a tooth, the milk sweet (milkie) remember Robot bubble gum with questions in the wrapper? The only Chewing Gum that makes you learn and chew.

Remember gongon and M&K chocolates?

Tell me you remember this song

“Wherever you go …gogogongo”

“Whatever you see…sisieko”

“Do not say yes when you seem to say no baba Ibadan”

Who remembers Olympic exercise book? It had virtually every trick in mathematics.

Did you mix garri and sugar in your pocket or nylon to just chew? I definitely did this lmao.

I playing mummy and daddy, we actually made firewood with little pieces of wood, stole small tin tomato and rice. We prepaid it like real family dinner but of course didn’t eat it.

I definitely did the table soccer with cover bottles, the rubber band, “Jangilova epo motor”, ten-ten, suwe, drove a single car tyre with a stick and called it car while singing along to “pese pese, pese man o’war, higher killer, comot for road, abi you wan die…” this is hilarious.

If you never waved at white birds expecting your nails to be whiter, then what are you doing? I don’t know if it’s magic but I got white nails then and was very proud of them. What birds were those though?

I think everybody did this to differentiate which is which, writing name on a strip of paper and insert it into your pen so that no one will steal it.

We used to buy goldspot, crest, Tandi, vitavite, Fanta, ah Jesus

Remember goody goody, choki choki and the likes?

I remember my first riot experience was during the Mko/Abacha era, the fight between the Hausaand Yorubas, quite scary if I may add.

Remember how far we walk to fetch water from well or streams.

oh yes, I remember the cars. Nissan sunny, Nissan bluebird, peugeot 504/505, Mercedes  200, Volkswagen Ijapa.

lol my first car accident was in a Nissan sunny.

remember when TV was just black and white?

Where did all these things go? The products especially, where? Because childhood then was awesome, it might be as awesome as it was then but were does the street experience and little street knowledge come from lol



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