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Interesting First Dates questions

First dates can be a tensing moment for both parties, it be tensing, nerve-wracking, awkward, exciting, disastrous and wonderful if done right. On a first date, you are obliged to make a good first impression, you have to be funny, get to know about each other, ask questions, connect and communicate especially. It’s best to avoid some topics, be light ...

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Being in an Open Relationship

I did not understand the term “open relationship”, I didn’t get the concept, did not see the need for and couldn’t fathom a reason why two people who have decided to be together as husband and wife would want to have other relationships with other people until the situation around August Alsina and Jada Pinkett came to light, I became ...

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Gender war, will it ever end?

Gender war is one war that might never end, it is the vilest and contemptuous war ever waged, it might be greater than nation against nation, culture against culture, or religion against religion. It’s either male or female, of which these entities make up religion, culture and nations, Cutting across all borders, all languages, and all ethnicity in every culture ...

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