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Children’s Love Languages

Children’s love languages

Children crave a whole lot of attention and and affection which they want to get every time and at every opportunity but we must understand and pay attention to how they show you love.

Understanding their love language will help you connect with them and nurture them the best by doing things that shows love in a way that speaks best to your child and knowing your child’s love language can make all of the difference in your relationships.

A person’s love language (your child) is how that person gives love and receives love and being intentional to learning their love languages will deepen your parent-child relationships.

 Physical Touch

Kisses and hugs are the most common and desirable way of speaking the love language, kids are naturally huggers, they’re always ready and willing to snuggle, cuddle even when they sleep.  Playing with your kids, tossing them, spinning them and also reading to them while they snuggle on your lap is a beautiful language they understand so well.

“Cuddle me”, “Chase me”, “hug me” shouts I love you from these kids.

Quality Time.

Children feel valued and loved when you spend time with them doing what they love or engaging them. They pull you and say “play with me”, “comb my hair”, “pass the ball”, “Let’s watch TV”, this in fact is begging for special quality time with you and want to be near you even if its short.

You offer your undivided attention and let them choose the activity they want to do

Receiving Gifts.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot or nothing at all but kids who love receiving gifts feels most loved when they do. Kids hold on to gifts for as long as many years, they see it as a symbol of your love. It can be food, special deliveries, handmade items, a love note, a fancy book, just anything from you to them but don’t over do it, let it be within their age limit and don’t mix other love languages with gifting.

Words of Affirmation.

This is a personal favorite. First thing out of the bed, in the shower, while eating, on the way out, in public, back home, last thing before going to bed should be filled with Praises, sweet feedbacks and loving words. They want to hear your words of affirmations from you when they show you activities they have done or tells you to watch what they’re doing at that moment.

Write them little notes, gift them bracelets with sweet words, stare into their eyes and let them know how special they are. Your loving words matter to them

Acts of Service.

When they need your help with a broken toy, school activities, dress them up for school or outing, tie shoelaces, help them with little things, it’s a love language. Act of service is a thoughtful gesture and draws them closer to you making them depend on you when they can’t help themselves.

But the best act of service is teaching them how to do these things themselves, it helps them be more capable, independent and self-reliance. Don’t jump at every request.



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