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Garnished cocktail recipes


As food taken are improved upon day after day and more enriched, nourished and refined delicacies are discovered by nutritionists, same exploration is not left out in the place of beverages and more particularly, garnishes that aid real and qualitative relaxation. When relaxing, how do you take your cocktail? With a drop of flavour? What kind of taste would you prefer? Creamy? Here are recipes and garnishes that will leave you craving and longing for a fresh taste.

Below are some cocktail recipes that will guide your intake:

  • Lemon: Whiskey Sour or Lemon Drop

This cocktail is quite simple. As usual, get a clean glass cup and pour a quantity of fine sugar and ¾ drops of lemon juice in that same cocktail glass cup. Again, add three ounce of rye whisky. Apply lots of ice into the cocktail container and ensure you shake it carefully. Furthermore, gently float a half ounce of cabernet sauvignon or any other kind of red wine on the top of the ice already contained in the cocktail glass as you pour it out of its container. Mix it together very slowly and you are ready to gulp your lemon drop garnished cocktail.

  • Orange: Old-fashioned gin and tonic cocktail recipe

You will find out that Gins are chiefly English. It is particularly referred to as a British drink. In the early days, it was mixed with the quinine tonic which, although was bitter was medicinal and because diseases were the happenings of Britain, they were made to take it hot. However, because the cost of both the gin and the quinine tonic was low in spite of the long-lasting effect, it was made a well-nourished drink and was refined over a hundred years ago.

In preparing this cocktail, you must carefully select your preferred gin and in doing so, you must choose a gin with good quality and that can be afforded. Furthermore, you must endeavor to use tonic that is iced and fresh from the container. This is very important for carbonation.  Thereafter, lots of ice is important to have a desired result. However, not too freezing so as to make cubes. Cubes like the one that remains at the base of the glass after parties. Now, since orange is the citrus we would use, get it ready.

Pour the gin into a glass of water and gently add the tonic. After that, drop as much ice as possible and gently squeeze a part of the orange over the drink, dropping the second unsqueezed part into the drink. Finally, use your finger to press down the ice so as to mix the orange with the gin and tonic. Then, you have your irresistible longing before your very own eye.

  • Strawberry: Strawberry Daiquiri or a Rosé Sangria

Cocktail is a drink that can be enjoyed frozen and when made with fresh and when it mixed with strawberries, it can be the best drink of the lifetime. How is this drink made? Squeeze 6 slices of strawberries in a glass that is used to mix cocktails. After that, pour two oz of very light rum, half oz of lime juice and a half oz and fill the mixing glass with lots of ice. Thereafter, sieve the mixture into a very cold cocktail in a completely new and clean glass.



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