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Computer tricks you might need

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These are smart tricks improve your everyday computer experience.

  1. Ctrl + T opens a new tab

When you work a lot on your PC and your web browser is your number one tool, opening new tabs is an action that you do countless times during the day.

Instead of doing it manually with your mouse, you can simply press “ctrl” and the letter T and a new tab will open. If you are using a MacBook, you will press “command” instead of “ctrl.”

  1. How To Use Private Browsing.

The simple meaning of private browsing is that your browsing history and cookies of the sites you visit will not be saved. Google Chrome call it Incognito and you can use Ctrl+Shit+N to open it.

Another way to open incognito is to right click on the chrome icon on your taskbar and choose New Incognito Window. You can open this private browsing feature in Firefox by pressing Ctrl, Shift and P. Internet Explorer uses the same keys as Firefox.

  1. How to Block Some Websites from Opening on Your Computer.

You can easily blog any site from your computer using this awesome computer trick. First, bring out the Run dialog box by Clicking start, type run, hit enter Or if you like using shortcuts which are a good habit, simply hold the windows key + letter R and voila, the Run box appears.

Type in this code %windir%\system32\drivers\etc in the Run box and hit the Enter key.

What this does is that it will open the etc folder. This etc. folder contains a file called Host and some other files. We are interested in the Host file here. It is in this Host file that you are going to tell your computer not to visit a site but getting to the host file through the above step will not give you access to save your settings at the end of the day, I just want you to see the folder before following the right step.

In other to have full access to this file, Click Start and search for notepad, right click on Notepad and select Run as administrator. Look at the taskbar on notepad click on File>Open>This Pc>Local Disk C:>Windows>system32>driver>etc When you get to this etc folder, at the bottom of notepad open box change the Text Documents drop down box to All Files.

Double click on Host and type the following code at the bottom of the page website you want to block you want to block another website you want to block www.another website you want to block

You can follow the above pattern to add as many websites as you want.

  1. How to paste a text without its format.

Have you ever copied a text and you don’t wish to have its format along with it? The common way to paste is Ctrl + V but this will paste the format of the text along with it. After pasting the text, click or highlight if the texts are many and use Ctrl + Spacebar to remove the formatting.

The above trick will work fine for most text document like Microsoft Word and others but in some program, you can use Ctrl + Shift + V to paste the plain text without the formatting.

Some other ways to do this, simply paste the text in Notepad the copy and paste in word or in any program you want to use the text.

Ctrl+Alt+V will display the Paste dialog box for you to choose the type or format you want for the text.

  1. A laptop battery charges faster when in airplane mode.

When your laptop is on airplane mode it means that many features, like your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, are disabled. This takes some pressure off your battery and allows it to charge faster than if operating normally. Expect to see your laptop fully charged 10-15 minutes faster than if you had the airplane mode off.

  1. How to delete an entire Word In Office.

This simple trick handy when you make a mistake any want to delete the entire word. You don’t need to start hitting the backspace key, no.

Just hold the Ctrl key then hit the backspace key once.

  1. How to Take an Image of Your Screen? (Screenshot What Is Displayed)

Click start and type snipping tool. Click New and drag the cursor to where you want to capture.

This simple trick is very useful for everyone. This trick is also available for Mac users using Command+Shit+4

  1. How to Increase Your Internet Speed to More Than 30%

With this trick, you can boost the internet speed of your computer. Let get started.

Open Command Prompt as administrator, type in this code netsh int tcp show global press the Enter key, open notepad and paste the following codes then save the document anything you want but make sure it ends with .bat. Save it on the desktop.

cd\, netsh int tcp show global, netsh int tcp set global chimney=enabled, netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled, netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal, netsh int tcp set global congestionprovider=ctcp

The above code will just change the tcp settings you see in the command prompt output, remember to save with .bat extension.

Run the file as an administrator and instantly you will see an increase in internet speed. If you want to change these TCP settings to their default, paste the code below into notepad and save it with .bat extension. Maybe something like reset.bat

cd\, netsh int tcp show global, netsh int tcp set global chimney=default, netsh int tcp set heuristics enabled, netsh int tcp set global congestionprovider=none

This will return the tcp settings on your computer back to default.

  1. How to Run a Program on an Infected System?

Do you have a software that you want to install on and a malware is preventing you from doing so? Just change the name or the program or the extension from .exe to .com.

This has been proven to work in many cases.

  1. How to Lock Your Computer without Moving Your Mouse in Seconds?

Use the Windows Key plus L key. Mac users can use this trick by holding Command + Option + Power. You can replace Power with Eject if you like.

  1. Download any Google image automatically by pressing Alt and clicking on it.

Most people right click on images and select the “save” option, but there is a much easier and faster way to download a photo on your computer. You can simply push “alt” and then left click on an image and it will be automatically saved on your computer in your Downloads folder. On a MacBook you can press control and then click on the image, it will then give you a drop-down menu where you can select Copy Image.

  1. Have a PC? These keyboard shortcuts will save you time:
  • Alt-tab: Switch between windows.
  • Alt-F4: Close a window.
  • Ctrl-tab: Switch between a browser and Excel tabs.
  • Ctrl-F4: Close a tab.
  • Ctrl-Z: Undo.
  1. Do You Need To View Your System Information?

This shortcut will display your system information within the blink of an eye. Press the Windows Key plus the Pause/Break Key and your system info will be shown. This is faster than using the generally known way.

  1. How to Move From an Open Windows to Another.

Save yourself the pain of dragging your mouse around when you need to switch from one open window to another with this trick. Use Alt+Tab to show all the windows you have opened and continue to press Tab to switch from one window to another.

  1. How To Restart Your Computer Using Command Prompt

Open the command prompt window. Type shutdown -r to restart your computer. Shutdown is the command and -r is the switch that tells the computer to restart.

  1. How To Minimize All Programs

Use Windows Key + D to minimize all the whole programs at once. You can also use Windows Key + M but the difference is that Windows D maximize the programs again if you press it twice. Windows M will only minimize all the programs but cannot maximize them back.

  1. How to Rename a File Quickly?

Just select the file and press F2.

  1. How to rename multiple files at a time.

If you have many files you want to rename you don’t need to select the files one after the other. Just highlight all the files and rename the first on the list. All the files will have the same name with different numbers at the end of the name.

  1. Download “f.lux” to make your computer’s screen brightness adjust automatically to its surroundings.

There are many of you who work on your computers from various environments and know how hard it is to be in a dark space with an extremely bright screen. Most computers have the night shift mode, which adjusts the brightness during the night. You can also download and install f.lux, which automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness based on every environment it’s placed in. It’s a great alternative if the night shift mode isn’t satisfactory for you.

  1. Find out who’s stealing your Wi-Fi.

Isn’t it annoying when your connection is slow because someone else is taking advantage of your Wi-Fi? If you don’t just want to change your password, but also find out who the thief (or thieves) are, then you can download Who Is on My Wi-Fi and maybe go confront them. There is nothing more embarrassing than telling someone that you know they’ve been stealing from you.

  1. You can recover deleted files even if you’ve emptied the recycle bin.

Deleting files and then emptying the recycling bin can prove to be very frustrating, since you may realize afterward that in that pile there was a file that you really needed. What you can do is download Recuva, which is the top program to recover permanently deleted files. You just choose what type of file you’re looking for and the program searches everything for you. If it has been a long time since you deleted a file, it’s possible that the program won’t be able to locate it.

  1. Ctrl + Q quits your web browser.

Another tremendously useful shortcut is the one that exits your web browser. In this case, you press “ctrl” + Q. Once again, if you are using a MacBook you use the “command” button instead of the “ctrl” button. This way everything happens a bit faster.

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