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Creative ways to Potting your plants without planters

I have no idea how this weekend will go but one thing I am definitely going to be doing is some interior and outdoor gardening to liven up my space and change also change looks. If you’re looking up to do the same and want to get creative with your planting, I’ve got the right touch. I used to wonder how I could do these things myself, my way in the most fun and creative way until I stumbled on different pages and met with a gardener who gave me ideas.

So I got you!

These decorations will add color and brighten your room; you don’t need plant potters if you don’t have, we’re getting ahead of the game with what we can make use of from our household objects to kitchen wares to shoes, to cans and jars. Look for old or unused objects in your home and use them to plant a range of flowers and small shrubs, instead of breaking the bank on pricey containers.

Trust me, there are many option for displaying your plants, don’t settle for the usual.

  1. Cooking Pans

If you have a cooking or baking pans that aren’t needed anymore, turn them into cool looking planters not throw them away.

With their neutral colors they will fit into anywhere and you can host as many plant. The size of the pans will determine the kind of plant.

  1. Teapots

Go to your storeroom, that old abandoned teapot, get it out! Rather than discarding your old teapot, transform it into a new home for your plants.

It’ll give your home an artistic, bohemian vibe that others can be inspired by or placing it on an outdoor table, it will you that for an incredibly outdoor unique touch.

  1. Shoe Planter

Crocs in particular make a great water-proof option for planters, but anything with a good cover up will do. Shoes are cute way to make little hanging gardens for next too…let’s talk about the boots more like ‘plants in Boots’, they make a great plant holder and comes in different colors and sizes so you can easily determine which flower goes for which size.

  1. Tin/Can Planters

I particular love this idea because cans are so much fun, they are cute and colorful but for just little plants Dresser. You can have a whole garden with can planters.

These tin cans can be of coke, Pepsi, malt, baked beans, tomato can, coffee can etc, they are are super chic looking planters.

You can paint them or decorate them with twine, or you can leave them as they are and add a flare of rustic coolness to your garden.

  1. Chair Planter

It’s simple, just take an old crappy chair, and create a hole large in the seat enough for bowl to fill up with sand then go ahead to plant.

You can go ahead to paint your chair to give it a vibrant look and display your plant in the most creative way you can.

  1. Mug Planters

Get those cracky mugs, or a fancy mug or a set and grow your plants.

You can have them on your dresser, reading table, bookshelf or kitchen.

  1. Suitcase


Those Rugged, old-fashioned suitcases you dumped, pick them up and transform them into  a home for plants. These planters are especially for those who enjoy displaying their artistic flair.

  1. Bucket Planters

Metal buckets used to be the go to bucket for any household, the roughness of these metal buckets really contrasts the soft greens of vegetables and flowers. You can also make use of plastic buckets.

  1. Mason Jars

Why throw them or discard them when you can use them as planters?  Before of their transparency, they go with everything and instantly elevate the look of a room or garden.

They also happen to be the perfect shape and size for plants. They’re stylish and provide a glimpse of the soil and roots that lie beneath your plants.

10. Oil Cans

Oil cans have this vintage appeal with a beautiful look

. On the exterior they already have this “look” with exterior paintings which make them a really quirky choice for a planter.  But whatever you’re planting, it has to be the small kind.

11. Tyres

 Planning on having your tyres changed in the coming months, Why not use the old ones as planters? Paint them your favorite colours and use them to hold your plants.

12. Plastic planters

Instead of throwing away plastic bottles, buckets, bowls just cut a couple of holes at the bottom and you have a great container for greenery.

A wall farm against a window is great for those with limited space and can be achieved quickly with only a couple of tools.


























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