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criticism and reactions.


From birth, it is right to say we came to a world of praise and criticism (constructive and destructive), from our parents, uncles, aunties, teachers, friends, neighbors and strangers. We grew up getting criticized and learning from it but sometimes some criticisms are brewed from hate which mostly turns out to be negative while others are honest for growth but of which the goal of art criticism is the pursuit of a rational basis for art appreciation.

Unfortunately, this is a time when criticism is taken blindly to be hate or for ‘clout’, in response our public figures and celebrities gives an ‘epic response’ and ‘epic comeback’ or ‘slaps’ which often result to curses sparking rage from fans or followers on social media. Public figures have become so sensitive with pride and ego that they do not know how to handle reactions, comparison or criticism to their body of work.

How do we grow as individuals if we are so dependent on praise or avoidance of criticism? The lack of innovations, creativity, growth or viewed different by peers. If you must know, the Fear of failure and criticism can be crippling. Everyone faces criticism and just because it hurts doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable information.

  • Van Gogh put up with not only verbal criticism but also complete shunning. He only managed to sell one painting in his entire life.
  • J. K. Rowling received a letter that claimed, “Children just aren’t interested in witches and wizards anymore.”
  • A modeling agency told Marilyn Monroe: “You better get secretarial work or get married.”
  •  Skales  is one of the most criticized artist on social media, but he kept his head up and kept on delivering
  • Wizkid get criticized on a daily for his sounds and often get compared but not once (kindly comment if I am wrong) did he get physical or turn for an epic reply.
  • Tiwa Savage has constantly been a target as an artist and as a mother.

  • The Kardashian family gets blasted on a daily

  • 2face gets insulted and criticized on his personal life for a long time

  • Denrele Edun, for his sexuality and way of life

  • Dj cuppy gets her share of the critic
  • Toke Makinwa

It is a shame that most of our celebrities have turned to keypad warriors and fist fighters due to negative comments and criticism or comparison. As famous people, you have agents, managers, makeup artists, hairstylists, friends, family, internet fans, URL fans, strangers on the street, Twitter, Instagram, stan culture at large, and the people buying tickets to see you live, who are all more than happy to let you know that you’re the greatest person in the world;

among that crowd, you have people who honestly and insightfully assess your work or your public image  while some may do it with bitterness or jealousy  others are after change or growth  and If you’re following your passion and loving your work, that’s the greatest payoff in the world.








Social media is styled in a conversation format, People are bound to talk about everything that goes on in the society, even possibly sink their talons in the dead flesh of an issue sometimes.


Unlike the past, when public figures could only reach out to the public through interviews, they now have the means to shape their own news, seek for support, get the fandom, and get conversing and all of what it has to offer.

Most times it is required to engage with their followers, answer a few questions, absorb criticism and also offer feedback where they need to. For public figures in Nigeria, the situation is not different. It is, perhaps, even tougher where they are often advised to develop thick skin because criticisms come in different forms which shouldn’t be the case,

artist should be able to filter hate from critic and manage it and fans should also know where to draw the line because often times, trading insults or assault with fans or celebrities always turn out to be a big mistake.





The victim often comes back with friends or others who have been looking for an opportunity to hit at the public figure and things get messier and make headlines for other blogs and broadcast media. The fan sometimes remains anonymous and goes without any damage, while the celebrity may need to keep explaining what went wrong during interviews.

So many celebrities (local and foreign) gets criticized every minute of their lives but intelligence can be far-fetched with some. For the witty, a humorous response always wins. It always does.

There is no way to avoid criticism, especially when you put yourself out there and do something bold and daring, but there are ways to learn how to take it like a champ and casually dust the cruel words right off your shoulders.

  • Take the valid points under all of that negativity.
  • Sometimes when people give us helpful tips about how we can improve, we immediately go into defensive mode and interpret it as destructive criticism. When someone is sincerely trying to give you tips and insights as to how you can better some area of your life, this should not be interpreted as mean or malicious. Rather than immediately dismissing what this person has to say, give it some thought and really consider whether it has merit.
  • Sometimes, ignore!

  • Self confidence
  • Listen to critics and learn to filter hate from sincere critic.Skales reply to criticism.

your reaction to criticism says a whole lot.











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