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What is a director’s service address?

A director’s service address is an address that is designed to receive post. It is the official contact address of a company director. It can serve as an alternative to a residential address. A service address is advantageous, as it allows business owners keep their residential address private.

As soon as you register a limited liability or limited company, it is mandated that you include a service address for each director. Service records serves as a point of contact between your business and the outside world. You get to receive mails from company house, courts, government agencies and people who have the need to contact you.

Why would you need a director’s service address?

A director’s service address is a legal requirement, for registered businesses. Without a service address, your business is locked out; you would not receive mailings from government bodies, shareholders, court and every official body that may need to contact you.

What sort of service address can you use?

Most small businesses owners that work from home mostly want to keep their residential address away from the public. If they seek to do so, what service address can they use then? You could use a virtual office from an address provider. Also, there are a variety of service addresses to use, they include; a solicitor’s office, accountant office, business premises (with permission of course) and professional service address.

A director’s service address magnets trust.

While your address is available to the public, it gives your business a healthy image, because vital information about company is accessible to the masses. Plus a service address is a good way to show that your business does not have skeletons in its cupboard, but it is transparent. In turn, it magnets trust from people who are interested in the services you render and are ready to strike a deal.

What if you need to change your director’s service address?

Change happens all the time. When the need to change your director’s service address arises, you can do so easily. The requirements include:  informing companies house about this change within 14 days, so they can update their records and also that of the public register. This will re-direct your mail to your most recent director’s service address. This way, you would not lose out on important information.




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