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7 Reasons to use PDF than word

PDF and Word document are the most common file type used for official purposes around the world. Although, these two types have their peculiar methods of usage, many still use PDF and Word interchangeably. Many have preferred PDF to word document for a lot of reasons.  However, MS word is used to author PDF on most computers. PDF software like PDFElement etc. have also evolved to do most of MS office functions with it efficiently designed platform.


  1. PDFs are universal: Ms Word is used to author files before converting to PDF. Unlike PDFs which can be easily transmitted without losing it original style, MS is different. Ms Word loses writing and formatting style when transferred from mac to laptop or android devices. MS Word also loses authors’ style when opened on different MS version. PDF will look the same, no matter the PDF version or devices used in accessing it.


  1. Security: Businesses around the world faces hundreds of cyber-attacks daily. Due to this fact, they expose their confidential document to high risk, especially in our digitalized world. MS word docs are usually at a high security risk due to its inability to protect itself from intruders. Software like PDFElement has superb security measure. Here, users can protect their PDF with password. What this does is that it makes it harder to outsiders to view document without clearance. Many legal and business professionals trust PDF to protect their files without worrying about cyber security. With the PDF format, you can secure your documents so that no one can change it content without your consent. According to, for an electronic document to be admitted in court of law, it must be created in a file format without leaving an electronic footprints. PDF format satisfy the condition.


  1. It is easy to create: MS Word, Excel, Power Point or any other document can be easily to PDF format file. PDF software like PDFElement has made it easy for users to convert PDF into Ms Word or any other format you desire.


  1. Decreases file size: PDF is known for quality because of the ability to convert any file into PDF without losing quality. Converting other file type to PDF will help reduce file size, while giving you its excellent value in merging document of various format. You can convert Ms Word, excel, image, and power point presentation to a single PDF.


  1. Interactive documents: PDFElement Premium version will let you add some amazing features like hyperlinks, rich media, music, etc. to your PDF without having to convert back to MS Word. PDF files is printer friendly. It lets you print the exact content anywhere in the world.


  1. Mobile access: Unlike other document format, PDF gives you the same experience when accessing document on a mobile device or desktop


  1. Searchability: PDF can interact like a web page, you can have bookmarks, intra-document hyperlinks, and easy accessibility on web. It can also open online without the need to download.

MS word is only preferred to PDF when creating a document as PDF software now have MS word ability to edit without the need to convert. PDF is obviously the best choice when transmitting official document like E-book, Invoice, legal document, memos etc.



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