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Does your computer have these software?

The evolution of digital technologies (Software) has made solutions easier for humans in the last decades. With billions of people around the world, these solution has given humans the ability to multi-task and make work easier. In a digital world like our, it is almost impossible to avoid technology as we use computers almost every day of lives.

We have compiled 5 major software you must have on you windows or Mac computers for you daily use.

  1. Microsoft Office 365: This is a basic tool for all everyone. Microsoft tools give one the ability to write, read, design etc. A computer is regarded useless without a Microsoft office tool in Microsoft word, Excel and Power Points. One cannot fathom using a computer without Microsoft. It should be the first tool to get for your computer.


  1. Internet Browsers: The wide use of Internet connections has made information and communication easier for computer users. The internet itself provided an avenue to achieve a cosmopolitan world. It is important to have software to can help you access the internet at all times. You can get anyone of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, UC Browser, Chrome, etc. to connect yourself to the world.


  1. PDF Reader: Almost every formal document you access on computers are PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat was the pioneer of this type of files, so it’s normal to have Adobe Acrobat reader on your computer. However, there are always needs for one to convert, edit, combine or cut PDF files. Many PDF readers like Adobe Acrobat, Foxit etc. Make all the PDF tools available on premium, and these premium charges are often expensive. You can used PdfElement to access your PDF documents. Unlike other PDF Readers, the free version of PdfElement also allows you to cut, edit, convert and combine PDF documents for free. It also has premium features where one would have to subscribe for. However PdfElement will give you the ability to edit, convert, combine and cut documents for free, a feature that his unavailability in other top PDF readers.


  1. Anti-Virus: Antivirus software protect your computers from virus attack from the internet or through cables, which might lead to complete or partial loss of documents, financial records, and vital information that can put one into jeopardy. Anti-Virus is as important as the computer itself, and your data is saver with an Anti-Virus software on your computer. Antivirus software like Avast, Norton, Smardav, Kaspersky etc. are examples of popular protection you can get for your computers.


  1. Media Players: you need media players to access audio and video files on your computers. Media players also comes with fantastic features depending on what you want to use them for. You can download popular media player like VLC, Dotplayer, Video Max etc.


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