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Calming the emotional storm: The importance of emotional mastery

Going through emotional storm and being on an emotional roller coaster is never a fun place to be because of its devastating impressions factored on you: from tiredness and resentment to complacency and depression. Live comes with a lot of ups and down and it can be difficult to maneuver its twists and turns in certain stages and days. Learning how to calm the storm in an attempt to know the importance of emotional mastery will help you to see how self-deprivation can be dangerous and how self-acceptance and emotional mastery is most important.

The late Dr. David Simon taught that, “Stress can be defined as how we respond when our needs are not being met.” Emotional storms can be generated from accumulation of stress when there are unfulfilled fundamental needs and this creates discomfort, emotional turbulence and emotional storm.

Observe Yourself during Emotional Storm

When you find yourself in the middle of an emotional storm, you have to first observe yourself. At this time, things are moving fast, your vision is blurred, and then you realize that you now love yourself less. If this is something that happens regularly, you find yourself wondering how your emotions keep ending up here unsettled.

At this stage, you need to mentally observe your alertness to certain this that happens around you. For example, when a neighbor who used to be calm starts nagging every time another moves on his lawn. You must know that there must have been a factor that propelled his behavior. Your emotional mindfulness to your society helps you to master yourself in order to calm your emotional storm.

We all get into an emotional storm from time to time –that’s part of staying alive. But, the reality is that nature is always seeking balance. There are peaks and valleys, ebbs and flows, and everything in between. Having emotions is part of our human experience but being able to triumph in certain emotional mastery ways makes the difference.

How to Master Your Emotions

  1. Self-acceptance: To master your emotions you need help, and the first help you get is you. You have to accept yourself for who you are. Think positive about yourself. You first have to love yourself, even in the midst of challenges.
  2. Note what comes into your life, and mind. You can’t keep on listening to songs that wreck you, break you and leave you at the middle of an emotional storm and say that you want to calm the storm.
  3. Ask yourself what you need in this moment. You need to be clear on what you need and look out if there is anything you can do to get it.
  4. Determine how you can mitigate the emotional storm by accepting people and situations as they are. Self-confidence comes to play here.
  5. If you cannot change how things are, practice accepting them for what they are, and notice how you begin to settle in the emotions rather than being caught in the middle of a storm.

Fulfillment of purpose comes when you are able to calm the storm around us and this can only happen through self-acceptance, and perfect mastery of emotions.



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