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Energy savings

The role of technology in this age cannot be overemphasized. Doubtlessly, it is the cruise of this era. It had thrived to be at the forefront and van of invention, innovation and creativity and nothing has been able to impede it. As a result, one peculiar quality that remains matchless in necessity as far as the world of technology goes is the need to stay relevant, unique and most importantly, live up to this present day technological requirements. This is, no doubt, an imperative feat.

Energy savings which could also mean energy efficiency refers to particular designs aimed at reducing the amount of energy required to provide products and services. This way, the commonly used methods are improved upon to reduce energy losses. There are a number of reasons why energy efficiency has to be improved upon. As energy is reduced, the costs for energy is also reduced and this translates into a financial cost saving for occupants of such platforms, relaxation spots, hotel and guest rooms, companies or consumers of such energy saving products. This is the pillar of sustainable energy as it has proved to be a cost reduction master plan for constructing economies, increasing the environmental quality, providing a shield for national security, a hope for financial competence and higher savings without the need to increase energy consumption.

This is why there has been an urgent need to invent something more productive, technically advanced and effortless to the long existing mode of traditional key-card operations and energy savings in hotel guestrooms. But now, there is a solution. Wow! This is sheer amazement.

It is interesting to know that there is a better and lasting solution to the present day energy saving methods. This has been launched at a cost effective value engineering energy saving solution for everyone. This is good to the ears. You might want to ask how. It is no news that in hotel guestrooms, for entries, the guest has to place his card to the energy saving holder as he taps on the corridor panel but we have a more effortless solution this, a solution that saves up to 25% – 30% of your energy usage.

As you make way into the hotel room, there is an intelligent room occupancy sensor that switches automatically to occupied mode and this same room occupancy sensor switches to unoccupied mode upon the departure of the guest. This is so intriguing!  You have no reason not to check into hotels of such creation considering its clear satisfaction and luxury.

Furthermore, upon the arrival of the guest into the hotel rooms, asides the fact that this room occupancy sensor switches to occupied mode, lights automatically turns on with the air conditioning thermostat switching to an occupied set point. As this is done, all the needed services of the guest are activated. In similar manners, as the guest leaves an hotel room, lights go off with the air conditioning switching back to unoccupied set point and all services for the guest, deactivated. What more can one wish for? This is technology at its best.

More so, there is an advanced version of this fascinating invention. Upon the entry and exit of guests is the advanced guest counting sensor that detects the number of guests that enters and switches to occupied mode and switches to unoccupied mode upon all of the guest’s departure. This is surely a better life you do not want to do without

This simple step up in creativity brings a huge and better saving for the hoteller. This is what you have longed for meets with the fulfillment of your heart at a reasonable proportion.



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