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Enjoy Your Weekend On Zero or Low Budget

The weekend is almost kicking off but you already have it in your head that it’s going to be a boring one because you have no intention of spending a lot.  The chores are waiting, you already know the Tv drama on Zeeworld or you’ve downloaded all the Tv shows you’ve missed out on with your office wifi. You’ve decided not to step out because you’re on a very tight budget, things are way too expensive, even fresh air now seems to be getting its own alert from everyone who steps out, sigh!

Well, some already have plans of what to do, some knows it’s an all-night-out-weekend and there’s you on the other hand who might just watch interesting snaps like Pocolee, Timini, etc. and imagine themselves in that place doing what others are doing or simply just wish they had enough to do something different.

Here’s a splendid thought, you can have a perfect weekend filled with activities without breaking the bank. You want a no-spend weekend or a very low-spending weekend, I’ve got several fun ideas for you.

  1. Attend an awambe (mo gbo mo ya)

Owambes in Nigeria takes place almost if not every weekend and luckily for you one around your vicinity may not be strictly by invite.

So, get the ball rolling, get your best owambe outfit ready (they’re usually just lying in the wardrobe), iron it out, get yourself ready and dress the part. If you’re in for enjoyment, blend in, sit with the guest and make friends.

  1. Take a Walk Around the area

What time have you had to see places in your vicinity with all the work and work stress you’ve had? Perfect time this weekend. Take a troll or go jogging around to know what’s new with your surroundings. Say “hello” to people while doing that, you just might meet a new friend

  1. Go window shopping

Window shopping are so much fun, doing it gives you a hint of what’s new in the market, prices of things and things you would love to get later. Don’t be shy or act broke, there’s no harm neither is it illegal to window shop.

  1. Staycation

Vacation but in your house with a partner, friends or family. Engage in leisure activities like games, karaoke, dance competition or drive around town together.

Hold up! Number 5 &6 are for the real introvert that would rather spend time with themselves and thought raher than with people.

  1. Read a book

If stepping out isn’t an option and you get tired of your mind,  pick up a book and read. Zero money spent, zero energy used, just you, your brain and imagination in the works.

  1. Press phone

Well, this is what some of us basically do and our parents are tired of it, if only they know how powerful our smart devices are. Surf through the internet, connect with friends, get latest gist online, follow sport, get latest on tv shows, know what’s trending, fill out applications, enjoy yourself on your smart device.

  1. Host a Movie Night

Invite few friends over with instruction that everyone brings a drink and a snack. Randomly pick a movie with collective interest and enjoy the movie night. Zero money spent

  1. Orchestrate a Game Night

Almost Same as the movie night but with games.

Everyone comes along with your favorite game, a drink and a snack. The group randomly selects a game to play first till it gets boring, choose a 2nd, 3rd till everyone gets tired or all games have been played.

  1. Street soccer

Hanging out with the guys in the morning for street football is never a dull moment. It’s a great time to catch up, exercise and play a game.

  1. visit relatives or friends.

Tired of staying home? Ring up your friends or family, let them know you will be paying them a visit with the “prepare something nice I’m hungry” but don’t pull this every time before they tag you as the “FFO”. On your way, you should get something light as a visiting gift so you don’t go there empty handed.





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