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What you need to know when hiring an event manager

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Organizing an event could be a heavy-duty work on someone and hiring a manager who would perfectly present the image in one’s head could be another task to get up for. It becomes more challenging when one is open to multiple options, probably through event one has witnessed handled by different event planners and managers.

This should not be a heck of a job if you put in place the necessary variables to consider when setting out to finally handover event management to a manager. Here are few hints to have in mind before making the final decision on who to choose:

  • What are your event objectives and needs?

In order not to get more confused when managers eventually arrive for interview or discussion on what the event would look like, it is advisable you personally set out the objectives and needs of your event. You should be able to answer the Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?. These would guide you on what to expect from planners and managers when they show up. This entails the budget, type of entertainment, who is coming, where you want etc.

  • Source for qualified event planner

The easiest but mostly disappointing way to scout for event planners is through word of mouth. This is never enough because preferences and bias dominate feed backs from word of mouth. Instead, use local sources to pick a qualified planner. When you go through event planners’ community, either online or offline, you are going to be exposed to peer-induced reviews. It is from there you would get a list of qualified planners before making a choice on one.

  • Organize interviews and discussions with applicants

It is common for event planners to build on the available details from their clients. As much as that could sound interesting, it is never a way to determine who to pick. Just give a little brief of what you want. When this is done, from their responses, you would determine their expertise. More so, you can say what it would look like handing over funds to any of them. Avoid having on-phone or email/chat meetings. Face-to-face meetings would make you see through rapport evidence of expertise and who is best for you.

  • Scaling down the list through budget balancing

Obviously, you would have more than one qualified planner after your interviews. One of the best way to scale down the list to the last planner is by comparing budgets, i.e. Having been given full details of the available budget, you are expected to watch out for how your planner will work with your initial budget. It is either to suggest addition due to the whole event idea or readjustment to achieve success with what is on ground.

  • Be ready to work with your planner

This demands close watch with your planner before and during the event. And it could lead to firing or rehiring at the end of the show. Having concluded on the logistics, sometimes, some managers are fond of mismanaging logistics or taking action with levity. It is by close watch that you would know this and you would be able to determine if to fire or give warnings.

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