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How to convert PDF files to Word/Excel/PPT/JPG/EPUB documents for free

PDF files are one of the most popular document around the globe in the 21st century. You can hardly get any official or online documents in other forms except in PDF format. So many times, we’ll be in a situation where we have to convert PDF files to other format.  PDF document are often converted into MS word format to enable editing and easy styling. However, needs for other forms of PDF conversion are rising around us.

Converting PDF to Word is the only free method of conversion on Microsoft office. Many users might not prefer this method as the conversion often results into errors. You will have to subscribe to premium on many PDF Readers to be able to convert to word.  Except the few days free trial on many readers like Adobe Acrobat, Foxit, Nitro etc. you will have to pay to get these services.

PDFElement is considered as the best online method to convert your PDF files for free. It give you the perfect replica in word format. Not just that, it can also convert to other file formats like Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, Text, RTF, HTML, HWP, HWPX and EPUB format.  You can also download the free software version of PDFElement to convert easily without the internet

Unlike PDFElement, many online free PDF converter that often ask for basic information. They ask for mailing address, email, phone etc. before converting into other formats. PDFElement will let you convert without hassle. You do not need to register before converting on PDFElement, and it works perfectly on every browser.

Having a PDF reader like PDFElement on your windows or mac will not only let you read PDF files with its fantastic features, it will also help you to convert documents at will. The comprehensive package of PDFElement allows you to access its OCR technology, with the ability to edit scanned files and many other fantastic features.

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