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Five things we learned at the Launch.

There is no more Home button. And this is an important part in the big step forward in the IPhone user experience. The display fits edge to edge, top to bottom and if you want to go to the home screen, and if you want to go to the home screen, you simply swipe up from the bottom and you go home, it’s that simple.

  1. Wireless Charging. We can make the wireless experience charging even better. It’s a mat that you place your IPhone 8 and or IPhone X down on and it just starts to charge. And it has a beautiful new interface. It doesn’t stop there – you can place your series iii Apple watch down on it and it starts to charge.
  2. Facial Recognition. The iPhone X- your iPhone is locked until you look at it, and it recognizes you. Face ID learns the face, it learns who you are and it adapts to you as your face changes overtime.
  3. Face tracking emojis. Our team created something called Animoji- It’s an animated emojis. These are emojis that you control with your face. You can pick from dozen different animated emojis to share and express. If you were by chance wondering what humanity would do when given access to the most advanced facial tracking technology available, you now have your answer.
  4. Cellular Watch. Introducing Apple Watch series 3 and it has cellular built in. Now you can go for a run with just your Watch and it’s really nice to know you can be reached if needed or staying in the moment. Cellular is going to change the way we listen to music. You can stream 40 million songs on your wrist.


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