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Food you can eat to “hold belle” 

Hunger surpressing food

For hustle to continue and to save that extra cash 3 square meal is not in the dictionary it’s either 1-0-1,0-1-1 or 1-1-0 but in most cases it’s 1-0-1 or some people just don’t have the luxury of going on lunch breaks so they save the extra cash. Whatever the case is, there are are some food you can eat to keep hunger away for a wile

Bread and coke or pepsi 

Some people call this “bricklayer” food because they seem to be okay for a long when they eat it.

Buy yourself N300 bread and a bottle of coke/pepsi, you’ll be fit and ready for the day’s work.

Swallow “Eba or fufu”

Yes, swallow in the morning works wonders, I’m refering to just Eba and fufu. Combined with with any soup of your choice, you’re sure to last a day till dinner.

If you opt for pounded yam that means “otilor”, it will be a slow day for you and you might feel sleepy , Semo is mid it has no special thing, it’s like eating rice and Amala is for fashion, it’salnost for show off.


Fried yam with stew, boiled yam and egg or yam porridge anyday will keep you filled up till dinner


If you’re opting for pasteries, buns and pepsi is your best bet.


Whatever you’ve chosen to eat, drinking water might be your best bet to suppress hunger. A glass or bottle of water to go with these will help you but sorry to those whose bladder won’t cooperate.

As it is important to stay hydrated, water should not replace your meal. Keep a bottle of water with you before, during and after meal.

To spice your diet up with these food options, add vegetables and fruits. You should also add food high in water and fibre like fruits and vegetables they’ll add to your meal and help fill your stomach. An apple or yoghurt can help fill you up, if possible replace coke or Pepsi with those

What other hunger surpressing food combination can you think of?




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