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Gadgets you should have

Electronics are getting smaller and smaller and we all seem to have our own special must-have gadgets that we never leave home without. We’ve found cool tech products you need, so you can get your life in gear this year, If you’re in the market for some new tech or a few cool add-ons, it could also be a thoughtful gift for that special someone in your life (male or female), significant other or friend who’s always obsessed with the latest and great technology regardless of the occasion.

Wireless Speaker with Alarm Clock

This is the ultimate bedside gadget. Its key features include a high-quality Bluetooth speaker, a digital alarm clock that’s inbuilt, a fast wireless charger, a duo of USB ports for charging even more devices, and a built-in FM radio, among others.

The gadget can wake you up via a multitude of alarms, including your own custom ones. It can even help you go to sleep by delivering a selection of calming ambient sounds (well, this depends on the product you’re buying)

Tech Pouch

The Peak Design Tech Pouch is a stylish and exceptionally made accessory that’s a must-have for frequent travelers. It has enough pockets and compartments for small gadgets, charging cables, memory cards, and any other accessories you might own.

Peak Design has crafted the exterior of the Tech Pouch using recycled nylon with a weatherproof finish.  No more clutter guys! This portable travel bag will keep all of your electronics nice and neat. Tons of different sized storage compartments with multiple levels, it can fit your tablet computer, power bank, phone charger, cables, adapters and so much more. This bag is also shockproof and waterproof for added measures!

A fitness tracker

You want to keep an eye on how many steps you take, miles you walk or stairs you climb in a given day? Try a fitness tracker. You a morning jogger or frequent at the gym or you trying very hard to lose some weight.

Coolest Cooler

Here is the cooler that has everything you need for the ultimate tailgate party or road trip. It features a built-in blender with rechargeable battery, bluetooth speaker, USB charger, LED lid light and bottle opener.

Selfie stick

Make fun of them if you want, but nothing can get quality group photos the way a selfie stick can. You might need it for a better selfie or full selfie.

Multi-Port USB-C Adapter

This accessory more than 3.0 ports, a USB-C connector for charging, an HDMI input, and a gigabit Ethernet port. Available in MacBook Pro-matching silver or space gray, the sleek gadget also features both a microSD and a full SD card reader

A Bluetooth speaker

The latest smartphones can pump out pretty great sound, but they can’t hold a candle to the audio quality from a dedicated Bluetooth speaker. They offers better sound for your living room or kitchen.

Accessory Organizer

This accessory organizer by Incase will help you rein in all your chargers, cables, memory cards, battery packs, and other small gadgets.

Crafted from sturdy nylon, the organizer is brimming with pockets and compartments, thus ensuring that every small accessory is safely and securely stored.

 Electric Foil Shaver

Don’t settle for those cheap throw-away razors anymore, get a great shave using state-of-the-art technology. The cordless electric foil shaver gives you a perfect shave each time and comes with a clean and charge station.


Yes, your smartphone camera is probably pretty good. But it’s still worth owning a standalone digital camera. Owning a camera is as useful as using a camera phone for visits, vacations, important memories etc. unlike the smart phones we change from time to time, cameras are there for a longer time.

Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool

A little gadgets to carry around at all times is this survival tactical pen. Packed with a ton of features like a bright LED flashlight, screwdriver, hex wrench, bottle opener, scraper, glass breaker and ballpoint pen (with ink refills!).

Multiple USB charging station

Let’s be honest, if you’re like most guys, you have multiple mobile devices that need charging every day. That’s why this USB charging station is a great gift as it charges up to 4 devices at one time and is compatible with all devices.

Charger power bank

It’s a terrible feeling to head out the door without knowing if your smartphone’s battery will survive the night. Get rid of that anxiety with a portable charger, It’ll give you all the extra juice you need without needing to top off at a wall plug. For those who are constantly on the go and need to charge your mobile devices, get a compact size makes it easy to carry and delivers faster charging than most portable chargers.

keychain flashlight

Many of us have flashlights on our phones, but they aren’t always convenient to use or the best option. This nano torch is the perfect addition to any keychain. This powerful and compact flashlight is perfect for navigating small, dimly lit spaces or just providing LED light where it’s needed the most.

A flash drive

Despite the rise of cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive, sometimes you need to haul big files from one computer to another. That’s when it’s great to have a flash drive, which are getting smaller and cheaper all the time.

Earbud holder and cord organizer

Earbuds are great to have on you, but having the cable become a tangled mess in your bag or pocket is no fun to deal with (and it always seems to happen no matter how neatly you tuck them away). Untangling earphones can be such a hassle especially when you have to use it in a hurry.

Wireless Headphones

For those moments you just want some peace and quiet and no interruptions, headphones are ideal. They are the best in class when it comes to noise cancellation and easily connects with your mobile devices.

Apple Watch series

Smartwatches have become increasingly popular in recent years, the device comes with a streamlined design and faster processor to allow you to access apps with ease. It also offers cellular connectivity, so you can use it like a phone when you don’t your iPhone with you on walks. And thanks to an EKG feature, you can even use it to track your heart health.

Home security camera

Want to keep an eye on your home when you’re at the office or traveling. Pick up an Internet-connected Cam, which work with a smartphone app to become your eyes and ears while you’re out of the house.

A backup drive

Hard drives will eventually fail, including the one holding all your files, photos and videos right this instant. Get peace of mind by investing in a backup drive, then remember to back up regularly (at least once a month.) Buy a model that has more storage space than your computer to ensure you can do a full backup.

Visual Reality viewer

The world is suddenly awash in virtual reality and 360 video content. VR’s are ultimate fun.



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