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Gender war, will it ever end?

Gender war is one war that might never end, it is the vilest and contemptuous war ever waged, it might be greater than nation against nation, culture against culture, or religion against religion. It’s either male or female, of which these entities make up religion, culture and nations, Cutting across all borders, all languages, and all ethnicity in every culture and in every civilization in which this poisonous seed has been sown, nourished, and cultivated by Militant Feminism and Misogynist men.

Whether we like it or not, this war is a bitter, uncompromising, unilateral and ideological war started by one species of humans against another species of humans which most times it is illogical.

This madness is sometimes instigated by an unrelenting malice toward one human gender by the other: the malice toward men as men by women as wannabe men.

Is it feminism or Misogynist?

Does it have anything to do with the aspiration not to abolish masculinity, but to acquire it? And if this cannot be achieved biologically, then it attempts to acquire the semblance of it, the closest proximity to it, through legislation, agitation, “social action”, and so on? In other words, wannabe men that cannot be men through social action push for the ‘men hate’.

And the bitter Misogynist men who do not like or want to see women flourish in same way and area men do but only want to see women as cook, child bearers and sex machines.

There are, apparently, many women who, quite frankly, envy men, I mean masculinity itself.  They believe men have it easy and women on the other hand are fragile, while men on the other hand believe they are superior over women.

In truth, Men and women are equal beings and should learn to own up to whatever their gender has done not to push the fight to a certain gender. “Oh, there’s a serial killer on the loose, it must be a man!”… Kick against rape, “only men rape”, “she has a sugar daddy, yes queen”, “I want a sugar mummy”…, “you a hoe”, etc. all these without finding an actual solution to the problem.

The everyday war of who is smarter, who is stronger, who cleans the house, who takes care of  the babies, respecting women, who gets better salary, who marries first, who takes marriage important, who needs marriage more so many issues that will never stop if we don’t regard each other as beings, ‘human beings’ or knowing when to take the blame.

So, is it feminism to push all faults to men? Or it is just the dummies and gullible ones that unfortunately push the blame to men because they hate one man which equates to general hatred except their family of course.

or the Misogynist men who thinks women are nothing but a mere woman, a weakling, a tool, an organ, a product and so on because of their societal influence and traditional view about women?

Oh yes, there are traditional views about women and how women should live but that’s a story for another day.

Who are the allies?

The men who wish to be women. It is the complete inversion of Feminism. Attempting to abolish their own masculinity, they strive precisely for what Feminism repudiates. They are not the casualties of feminism; to the contrary, they are its closest allies. Homofascisti and Feminofascists. This alignment forms, well, an Axis around which complementary ideologies revolve.

There are those who want to gain something from the gender war, who think that supporting the opposite gender would fetch them something, maybe favor, money or anything. Those who have no opinions of their own, they move with the crowd or where their favorite moves.

Solutions are not sought through wars or instigated wars but through logical thinking. Not blame shifting but actually thinking things through and owning up. There is only one correct way of thinking. And if you value your livelihood, your character, your own integrity … you had better step in line or step up!

will the war ever end? does it continue to the next generation and the next and the next? what’s going to stop it?

what do we say about Gender neutrals?



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